Sunday, August 5, 2012

Monday - Swift

Monday is becoming a distance day, and I really like starting my week with some miles. In the morning Boj came over and he rode the bike next to me as I shook out an easy flat 10. He ran epically the day before and was resting. I felt borderline great. I definitely didn't feel like I raced 8 miles the day before and this was mentally uplifting.
In the afternoon Greg and Jen came over to run. Jen and Emily ran out in Cambridgeport, while Greg and I ran the challenging 9+ miler behind my house. The weather was starting to c get interesting and by mid run, Greg and I were getting poured on. This was awesome bc it took the humidity away and it cooled everything right down. Made for an amazing run in the wilds of VT. Boj ended up meeting us at the top of the switchback hill (his favorite part) and running the last 3 miles with us and running well. It is always great to chill yet run a solid effort and talk about who knows what.
We then met up with the ladies after their run and rolled to wings at the pub. Great little Monday in the summer. Total miles = 19.

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