Monday, August 27, 2012


This was an epic week and marked an epoch of awesome. The week started at the top of Mt Washington and ended at the top of Mt Mansfield.
On Monday, Greg and I headed to the Franconia side of Mt Washington for a solid day above tree line. I suggested the Crawford Path, which is a quick 2.9 miles up to above tree line, then 5 awesome miles to Mt Washington. It was mapped so we could get 16-17 miles.
We packed small packs (Greg had 70 oz of water haha) and hit the hill. The first climb was great. I think I said either, "this is great," or "this is awesome," and uncountable amount. But it was great and cussing awesome.
Once we were above tree line it was even more amazing. It was a crystal clear day. The weather could not have been more perfect, we were very fortunate (and grateful) for the weather.
I felt more inhuman than human, I felt awesome the whole day. It must have been transcending energy of the outdoors, but I was wired and could have run all day.
F N A, it was awesome. There were some views where it looked like there was no civilization.
Ran up in 1:38 and descended in 1:14.

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