Monday, March 26, 2012

Thursday- SRAliens

This was a Saxtons River day, where Greg and Boj would be in attendance. This is a post workout day for them, so whatever they want to pace to be will be cool with me. It's the distance I want. There were some minor discussion but we quickly came to the conclusion to run out to the Athens Lookout, which is about an 8 mile effort away. This was great news and was stoked the way the week was playing out. To start any run at my place you need to run up a 3 min climb to start, this makes it hard to get people out to run, so I know who the real deals are. The run was wet but great weather and awesome trails made it. At the lookout, a decision was made to extend the run so we could come down the switchback trail. This was great at the time, but by the end, I, along with everyone else, was ready to be done. All in all, super day, and even better two days of 21 and 18. I scheduled in two days off and will be eager to roll on Sunday.

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