Sunday, March 18, 2012

Weekend: He may have rested, but I sure will not.

Saturday- Stayed at my place where the trails will test your worth as a human. Ran a stable loop (great loop) which consists of all trails except for 1 mile on a dead end dirt road. Brought my girls, Ellie and Lena, and all was great. Started slow but ran fast once I felt good (which didn't happen until 50 min in. The loop is called the Sap Lines and with an add on becomes a great 14 miler. The trails are wet and littered with post frost heave effects, but enjoyable to be with nature.
Sunday- Waited a little too long to start, and it ended up getting hot. Ram about 4 miles with the girls in the trails then brought them back bc it was just a bit too warm for my liking. Once I dropped them of I hit the road, rt 121 E, towards BF to stride out a bit. Took a Ralph up Davidson Hill, which is 1.5+ miles from bottom to top. At the top is a spot known as Crystal Rock. Chilled for a sec, then rolled on. 15 miles, week over and done: 90 miles. It wasn't 100, but it was a start.

Reflection: solid week with great times and great moments with great people at great places.

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