Monday, March 26, 2012

Wednesday- wheelz of steel

Wenesday was epic. There are a set of power lines that run the length of a few of the neighboring towns. Had the idea of a big day and thought the dirt road trail combination would be a great way to ease the psyche. The path was a mix of wicked steep climbs and rolling hills. I drove out to Grafton with the girls and envisioned a 20 miler.
I was really hungry after getting home for school I delayed the start time to 4:45, hoping to be done in under 2:30. Once I was parked and all travelers unloaded, it was closer to 5:00. I also had the idea to stop a few miles in and stretch, and stretch well! This did happen after the first 4 miles, and figures I would stop every 4-5 miles and do a quick stretch to loosen up the tendinitis I got brewing, but don't have to the rest of the run. The climbs were perfect (and wicked hard) for loosening everything up. At half way I knew I was clipping off sub 7 minutes pace and decided to add a few more minutes. After turning around I realized (and forgot) that I had some long and steep climbs the first 4 miles on my way back from the out and back run. With 6 to go I decided to play a bit an stride out.
Great run, 21-22 miles at a solid pace/effort.

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