Sunday, March 18, 2012

Vermont City Marathon and Cuss

Road to Recovery and Prep for things to come.

This was the first full week of training since the 50k. So, for motivational purposes I'm treating the week as a building/recovery week. This may make no sense to anyone who reads this and if there are any criticisms, you can go cuss yourself.
The 50k experience this year left me unsatisfied and more earth-bound in my views, and here are the new vamped views (as questions I asked myself): am I truly giving the effort that's needed to attain the goals that I want?
Anyone who has ever met me knows I wreak of confidence and the jingle jangle that is heard when I roll by ain't change in my pockets, but brass balls banging together. My mouth is big and so are my goals, aspirations and anything else I feel like doing. Epicness = Ferenc.
With VCM a possibility an ten full weeks away, here is the chronicling of the efforts put forth to run 2:13.... Time out, that was the ego hitting the keys... 2:25-2:28, that's more better (yea, I just wrote that).

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