Monday, March 26, 2012

Sunday- spottieottiedopaliscious

Gilsum NH at George Adams house today for (what no one in any state of the cussing mind will ever figure how long the run will be) 2 hours. George, myself, Greg and Fyffe were hoping for 2 hours (to start).
George may have the best maintained trails in the known universe, so it will be a great ride in soft awesome trails. The trail system is scattered all over Surry Mtn with great climbs and lots of possibilities.
George should have bought a lottery ticket, because he ACTUALLY (yea I said actually you clustercusses who are thinking about any bullcuss) brought us on a run that was 2:01! This was great bc we had the option to add on if we wanted or needed to, which we did, by adding on an extra 3. The best part was how it was pouring when we got there and stopped right when we started and held off the whole time.
Highlights: We aren't still running and George brought us 2 hours; saw a grave site that dated back to 1776; logged 22 miles; and felt awesome.
A week if only 5 days: 87...

Thursday- SRAliens

This was a Saxtons River day, where Greg and Boj would be in attendance. This is a post workout day for them, so whatever they want to pace to be will be cool with me. It's the distance I want. There were some minor discussion but we quickly came to the conclusion to run out to the Athens Lookout, which is about an 8 mile effort away. This was great news and was stoked the way the week was playing out. To start any run at my place you need to run up a 3 min climb to start, this makes it hard to get people out to run, so I know who the real deals are. The run was wet but great weather and awesome trails made it. At the lookout, a decision was made to extend the run so we could come down the switchback trail. This was great at the time, but by the end, I, along with everyone else, was ready to be done. All in all, super day, and even better two days of 21 and 18. I scheduled in two days off and will be eager to roll on Sunday.

Wednesday- wheelz of steel

Wenesday was epic. There are a set of power lines that run the length of a few of the neighboring towns. Had the idea of a big day and thought the dirt road trail combination would be a great way to ease the psyche. The path was a mix of wicked steep climbs and rolling hills. I drove out to Grafton with the girls and envisioned a 20 miler.
I was really hungry after getting home for school I delayed the start time to 4:45, hoping to be done in under 2:30. Once I was parked and all travelers unloaded, it was closer to 5:00. I also had the idea to stop a few miles in and stretch, and stretch well! This did happen after the first 4 miles, and figures I would stop every 4-5 miles and do a quick stretch to loosen up the tendinitis I got brewing, but don't have to the rest of the run. The climbs were perfect (and wicked hard) for loosening everything up. At half way I knew I was clipping off sub 7 minutes pace and decided to add a few more minutes. After turning around I realized (and forgot) that I had some long and steep climbs the first 4 miles on my way back from the out and back run. With 6 to go I decided to play a bit an stride out.
Great run, 21-22 miles at a solid pace/effort.

Tuesday - so fresh, so clean

Today I made the trip south to Pisgah park which is home to Greg Hammett. We didn't have a set distance in mind but I was really hoping for at least 14. Greg was feeling the effects of New Bedford Half, but then realized he is a real mother cussing G and found the idea of 14 easy. The run was great, the weather was awesome and life was worry free. The best part about getting done and walking in the door to Greg's house was the smell of greatness. Jen, Greg's women, had prepared an awesome meal with "healthy" in mind. Is was stir fry with some healthy cuss in it, and was delicious. Post dinner feeling: it does feel good to be a gangster.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Monday: Elevators

Started the week on the mental notion of bagging 100, but diverted that plan for better running. I have a gnarly case of tendinitis in my patella tendon, but I'm not a mouthy fem and going to let that stop me. I mean, recently I've heard some sand was an issue for some dudes in place where sand shouldn't be but... That's why I'm me. Dr. Dre said it best, "unfade-able so please don't try and fade this," now back to the lecture at hand, I ran a great 12, with not a lot of time before I had to get my wings on. I'm not going to miss .25 wings. Dudes got to eat and what better food to make you fly, than wings? The run itself was great. The trails are still soupy (at best) but manageable and fun. Nature set a def limit to how fast I'll be able to roll, but better yet, I didn't want or need to roll today.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Weekend: He may have rested, but I sure will not.

Saturday- Stayed at my place where the trails will test your worth as a human. Ran a stable loop (great loop) which consists of all trails except for 1 mile on a dead end dirt road. Brought my girls, Ellie and Lena, and all was great. Started slow but ran fast once I felt good (which didn't happen until 50 min in. The loop is called the Sap Lines and with an add on becomes a great 14 miler. The trails are wet and littered with post frost heave effects, but enjoyable to be with nature.
Sunday- Waited a little too long to start, and it ended up getting hot. Ram about 4 miles with the girls in the trails then brought them back bc it was just a bit too warm for my liking. Once I dropped them of I hit the road, rt 121 E, towards BF to stride out a bit. Took a Ralph up Davidson Hill, which is 1.5+ miles from bottom to top. At the top is a spot known as Crystal Rock. Chilled for a sec, then rolled on. 15 miles, week over and done: 90 miles. It wasn't 100, but it was a start.

Reflection: solid week with great times and great moments with great people at great places.

Friday: I aint got no job, I aint got no $, I aint got cuss to do... But run.

Friday- West West with Fyffe for a chill (no such thing) 10-12. I was attached to the hind teat today, little tired and possibly a little under the weather. But, cuss got done, rolled a short 10, but 10 in the books nonetheless. Arm hurts, but so does my ego after the way I've been racing, so something it's to change.

Thursday: reality starts to set in, CUSS!

Thursday- Pisgah trails with Greg. I was feeling the day before a bit and the workday. At school I organize grueling, intense dodgeball games at recess, where head shots count and no crying allowed. To avoid details: I fractured my radial neck bone in my radius (I play to win!). This sucks a camels cussing ding dong. Hurts like a a mothercusser, but I need to roll. Thankful to Greg that he wanted to chill bc he has a New Bedford Half to squish. We chill in Pisgah for a solid 9, under my wants for the century week, but what was/is, was/is.

Wednesday: Work to be did!

Wednesday- Workout day for the crew down in Keene, but I can't get there in time so I join them in spirit and do my own. Today was a hill workout. Hartley Hill Rd is a cuss of a cluster cuss of a road. Two banging steep, unrelenting miles from base to top. I called an up and comer from Bellows Falls Union HS, Jamie Moore (recent VT sophomore to roll 4:32 indoor mile, aint no thang) to join me in misery/fun to the top. I was going to run 2-3 repeats, while stud-to-be did one. We ran the first one in 17:09, great time, Jamie "loved" it. Ran to the bottom and he rolled out, while I flexed it for a second round, 15:44. Chilled down the backside of the hill, also 2 miles, but a little more gradual and the. Up and over again to head home. 15 in the books on Wednesday.

Tuesday: West West

Tuesday- Boom! Day with Fyffe, so I know it's going to be quality. Darwin would have loved Fyffe, any run with him is truly survival of the fittest, natural selection at work! Fyffe and I meet at Westminster West (great roads to do work: dirt and fast and equidistant from both) and we get after it. The day was to be 12 controlled (bull cuss) miles and then I was going to add 3 more to get my 15 spot on. We rolled out and the conversation weaves from venting about the work day and running. We didn't mess around and rolled the 12 in sub-6 pace, which is honest on the rolling VT hills. I added my 3, and called it a day.

Monday, March something...

Monday- 13 miles out and back in Brookline/Athens VT on dirt roads. On my end, it was a cuss show. It was an out and back and I felt crummy the first half, but once we turned around and the realization that it was Monday and at the Saxtons River Brew Pub it is 25 cent wings perked my body into feeling better. Boj was a trooper and endured the run and pace. We were also troopers, crushing 60 wings (me 35, food is fuel suckas). All in all, great way to start the week and my new adventure in trying to achieve more than my natural talents will provide.

Vermont City Marathon and Cuss

Road to Recovery and Prep for things to come.

This was the first full week of training since the 50k. So, for motivational purposes I'm treating the week as a building/recovery week. This may make no sense to anyone who reads this and if there are any criticisms, you can go cuss yourself.
The 50k experience this year left me unsatisfied and more earth-bound in my views, and here are the new vamped views (as questions I asked myself): am I truly giving the effort that's needed to attain the goals that I want?
Anyone who has ever met me knows I wreak of confidence and the jingle jangle that is heard when I roll by ain't change in my pockets, but brass balls banging together. My mouth is big and so are my goals, aspirations and anything else I feel like doing. Epicness = Ferenc.
With VCM a possibility an ten full weeks away, here is the chronicling of the efforts put forth to run 2:13.... Time out, that was the ego hitting the keys... 2:25-2:28, that's more better (yea, I just wrote that).