Thursday, July 5, 2012

Saturday - I Am So Skinny But Live So Fat

Greg shot out to my place today with the goal of rolling the Marathon Road, which is a 19 mile road loop starting in Saxtons River, heading out towards Townsend, back to Grafton and rolling in to the SR. The first 8 miles are large rolling hills followed by 11 miles of flat and downhill where if you want to work, you can fly.
Greg and I hit the road early, trying to avoid the heat, and was welcomed by a great breeze throughout the run. Te best part is the last 11 miles follows a river and we were able to through water on us when needed bc it did get toasty.
Without a lot of effort and a lot of controlled chilling, we ran 2:01:58 for the 19, great time on relaxed effort.

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