Thursday, July 5, 2012

Monday - ReBegin

Woke up feeling fresh and awake and very alive, so I hit the trails early. I drove out to Ledge Rd am figured in running 5. The morning was too nice to just run 5 so I hit the Lost trail and made my morning 10. Knowing I was going for 10 later in the day was a great feeling. 20 sounds so much better than 15...
Peter Najem jingled my cellular devise and said he was en route to run the afternoon with me, cuss yea! Once Pete got to VT we ran a great newer loop. From my place we hit the road (I left the girls at home due to the heat and the fact that they ran earlier) am headed towards Leach Hill Orchards. This is an abandoned apple orchard on the top of a hill. Awesome run with only 3 miles of roads... The way we ran made it so we had gradual climbing versus extreme-rape-your-quads and soul climbing. Along the way Najem brought up the idea of racing a downhill mile in Manchester NH. This was a thrilling idea and I was all in (after I battled demons trying to make me soft and question my legendness). I mean, cuss, it's only a mile and it's downhill...
We hit wings for dinner at the pub, where Larry Legend met us. Larry suggested we go to Montpelier and hustle a flat mile race instead. One, it was closer and; two, less competition which means greater chance to haul in some Washington's (but hopefully Grant's and Benjamin's). Montpelier it is.
Not a bad Monday, 20 miles, wings, anxiety to sprint a mile, 21 Jump St and Najem.

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