Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sunday - Rounding Third

Once again I got my way and had people wanting to come out to run an hopefully soak in the awesomeness I transcend. Thomas Paquette an George Adams joined Fyffe and I for a 15 miler on the Avalonian trails behind my house. We climbed our way to the Knife's Edge trail to the Athens Lookout. It was a great day with great visibility. It would have been extremely hot had the breeze not been continual and awesome. This loop has some challenging climbs that are very close together.
I felt surprisingly good/great (having eclipsed 100 miles in the week the day before with 4 to go of the 19 miler) and it helped that I lead the run to keep the pace under control. No one seemed to mind the slow/recovery pace.
Great run, great dudes (and my girls) on a great day. Cuss Yea!!! 120 miles for the week (which ain't for the weak).

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