Thursday, July 19, 2012

Catching Up

Now I don't like it anymore than you do, but I'm going to have to consolidate a two week period into one long cuss entry. Here it goes:

Thursday - banged 12 in the AM with Greg, Fyffe, Najem and some Keene Staters; Brett MastroItaliano and Chris Plankey. In the evening I got on it for another 10 in Athens VT. This run was rugged and tough terrained... In the pics of the Montpelier Mile, I'm chill as cuss through the first 56 sec quarter, but not as cucumber cool as Najem finishing, killer steez.
Friday - met Fyffe in Putney, parked at the culvert and shagged 12 like it weren't no thing. Conversationally fast but easy. That evening I hustled 5 on the desolate roads of scenic VT town Grafton.
Saturday - this was a preview run. Fyffe and I ran from the culvert but added a loop in the woods on the trails I make it 15. This was in preparation for a Sunday run with a group.
Sunday - same loop as Saturday but also in attendance was Greg, Thomas, Brett, and Chris. This run was a reality check for myself and a reminder that, even though sent to earth from a distant land, I still have human qualities. Aka: I was cussing tired. We all ran together for 12, and I chilled in at 7 minutes. Meanwhile, the other dudes had a cuss measuring contest and did some work to finish the run. No lie, not sad I missed it. That trojaned up my July 4th week, happy birthday Ellie!
Total miles for the week: 121

This is from July 9-15...
Monday - took an adventure out onthe Grafton power lines. Wasn't much of an adventure, I tried a new trail that was only 22 min add on... Still great. There is a valley known as Satan's Smile, unbelievably steep and vicious climb. Just picture a V, that's what it looks like, awesome. 17 miles
Tuesday - Boj joined me for another adventure day. This was more of linking a bunch of runs into one run. It was awesome, we weaves around and then through an abandoned apple orchard and crossed a cool suspension bridge. Found some new trails in between. 2+ hours of conversational rubbing, 18 miles. Later that night I met up with Tim Clark and shook out 4 more. Felt fresh and brand new on both runs! Got to tell Tim all about the anatomy of Amsterdam... 22 for the day.
Wednesday - parked at Vermont Academy, which has amazing XC ski trails, and ran 7 easy miles. Then went to the workout in Keene. In Keene , Boj and I parked at the Stonewall Farm and ran a loop on the single track and continued to the workout at Keene Middle School. I chose 8 x 200 in 38-40 seconds to shake it out an run possible race pace at Stowe 8 miler on Sunday. Nailed 19 in the afternoon to nab 26 for the day.
Thursday - Met up with a lifer, Matt Haley. He was up visiting from ATL. We drove to Windham VT, and ran a 12 mile loop that ended at Hamilton Falls, an awesome 125' cascading waterfall. Later in the evening, pirated 5 more easy miles with Larry Sayers and the BFUHS trails.
Friday - took a moderate rest day with Stowe in mind. I parked in Putney and lonesomely ran an out and back on amazing picturesque dirt roads.
Saturday - Ran an out and back 6 in Athens VT at the "Secret Swim Hole." you're wondering where it is? Keep wondering mother cusser, it's got it's name for a reason cussers. This rounded my weekly mileage up to 100 on the dot with Stowe to go...

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  1. Solid two weeks of training. Boj told me about the Grafton power lines. I'd love to run them someday.