Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wildlings and Old Gods

Yesterday's race was a success and today, Monday, I'm taking off bc I have a track meet and a day off will be good. I checked out a couple blogs and cameo the realization of a few things: ain't no body really gives a cuss about blogs. A bit self glamor, yet fun to here about cool cuss, but in the large scheme, ain't no body gives a cuss... Yet it continues. Haha.

Tuesday - I was planning on taking next week easy, but with my schedule, this week is going to be down, intensity wise and mileage.
I hit the sap lines for 14 and felt great for the first time at the end of the run in a while. The weather was amazing and I felt connected to the Old Gods. Vibrant greens are an awesome motivator to get out the door.

Thursday - hustled to Ledge Rd with the idea of doing the Lost Trail then dropping into Grafton Ponds. It is an almost 2 hour run and 14... The Lost trail is covered in moss at the tops of the hills/mtns and it was soft and awesome to run on.
One of those days of thankfulness to be alive.
The run was great but I felt like a donkeys cuss sack. I've also been realizing that all of my runs are about 1 min per Nile slower than last year with last year feeling like superman on every run. Feeling like Robin isn't do bad, but sidekicking it ain't my thing, I want to be the superhero.

Friday - hailed the White Dot trail ending down the switchbacks, 9 miler. I couldn't believe that I felt as heavy as I did. Felt slow and lethargic but had a great moment on the run. When you crest the final climb before the switchbacks there is a mtn meadow amongst the trees. It looks straight out of a fairy tale and No matter how bad the run is going this sight always lifts the spirits.

Saturday - I'm kind of fretting and freaking out a bit about tomorrows race. I have no control over anyone else's training and I'm disappointed in myself that I'm being a cuss about it. It's a stepping stone but really want to have a good/great showing. I'll do what I do.
In preparation for the race I ventured to Grafton Ponds for an easy 5 miler. At no point was it easy though, I labored through 5 miles at 8-9 minute pace and felt like a dead animal carcass. Total death march. I wrote this blog write up in the river, waste deep, praying to the gods of water to replenish my legs. I hope it works. It certainly is cold enough and I can see snow still!
All in all, it's happening, just taking a lot longer than I can handle at times. I just need to remember that the universe won't give me anymore than I can handle.
Tomorrow will be a great field and very tough competition. I'll be fortunate and thankful to be in the mix. (not that anyone even gives a cuss!).


  1. Seriously, don't think there's not at least two dudes hanging on your every word.