Thursday, May 23, 2013

Futterman's Rule

The week leading into the VT marathon is upon me. I don't have self doubts but I know what can happen out there and I hate that I got some of that cuss on my mind.
I'm planning on running a PR or cussing close to it and know early awesome running won't matter a GD thing and time in the bank early is bad credit. Should be interesting.
As of late I have also been burdened with some comparisons too close for comfort. Now I'm going to sound like a Judas to the running community but... Once A Runner, it's ok and that's about it. I read it, twice, and it didn't change my life (at cussin all), if anything it was a sooth saying truth to what my life has become.
For (many) examples: my hair was long, I do workouts on a cinder grass infested track, I live in a shed out in the woods nooked up against some hill/mountains, I'm awesomely gnarly, I swim and recharge in the river, my friends are also gnarly bad asses that roll, and I just live the life style where I show up and do my thang... Ain't no big deal. Too many comparisons, just too cussin many.
I'm an antagonist and wear the suit well, but every day (I'm hustling) I live the real life. You're welcome.

This week needs to be light so my overhyped and undertrained ass can get to the finish line with the following: my dignity, a smile and in a running stride.

Monday - 3 mile hustle behind the house with the girls. Felt great (and I should for only 3 miles).

Tuesday - Zipped out to Grafton Ponds for an easy, slow 7 miler. It sure was slow to make it easy.

Wednesday - did some light work at the Vermont Academy cinder grass track. I called Fyffe and asked what he suggested, this is what he said he did before his marathon and I should do something similar:
8 x 400, and here are his times: 69, 70, 70, 70, 68, 61, 52, 43!!! He's an cusshole but I love him. Ok, so his last four were about what he ran...
I opted for his other suggesting of 6 x 200 at goal race pace which will (Old Gods willing) be 40-42. Even this is too fast as I'm shooting for 5:45-5:50 pace, but I did just that. Since the track is cinder and 440 yards, I figure each 200 was about 13 seconds off. Yea, about 13, (maybe 1.3 but for Ferenc purposes, 13 is more entertaining). Also During my workout out it was lightly raining but very warm. I was accompanied by my girls and some other fems... Dear lord, he we go: I don't know how people do it working at a high school. I'm going to sound like a total creep but I don't give a cussing cuss, it's reality and truthful. During the workout on the VA track two little bitties (I pleaded for them to be 18) were posing for sexy yoga pics next to the track in nothing but tiny hiney coverings and tiny sports bras. This was highly... something? God bless their fathers and again, please be 18... Najem suggested that track work be done on this track and I have yet to find an argument and suggested we just eat blueberries.

Thursday - Voltroned with Greg and Najem on the Westmoreland rail bed for an easy, flat ocho. Was great to unite to form an awesome display of greatness. Awesome run and great time.
Rolling into the weekend undertrained, overhyped and stenching of awesomeness, means a very lethal combo. Looking forward to be Djoshua Unchained... The D will be silent.

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