Thursday, May 16, 2013


This past week went well. I'm getting something of my shape back and def my swagger. Once I'm in the shape I want to be in I'll be scarier than Unnamed Person in a mosquito swarm or a first timer taking on a donkey at a Tijuana Show. There is still a lot of work to be done. It's funny to think that I'll be training through VT City Marathon... That's just going to be light work (and old gods willing, I'll make it to the finish line with a positive surprise).

After my Hogwarts Apparition (for all you nerds, I plain just disappeared from the field) during the Sleepy Hollow race, I felt a day off was merited, but didn't take one.

Monday - I hustled a 14er to the sap lines and banged on the switchbacks to come home. I ran slow and easy but had one of my faster times of the year (still 10+ min slower than last year) on minimal effort.

Tuesday - Boj Voltroned with a bike and myself for a 12 mile tempo. I wanted to simulate running fast while tired (or as tired as I was, like the later stages of the marathon; or miles 7 on). Did an lit and back on the Marathon Rd and was shooting for controlled effort.
The first 6 were at 7 min pace before I picked it up. I felt good with my stride and could tell I was a bit hot but went with it.
Played out like so: 5:25, 5:05, 5:22, 5:15, 5:28. The last 5:28 was supposed to be my "shut it down" mile but rolled easily to a 5:28.

Thursday - easy 10 out on the Lost Trial via Ledge Rd. Always an awesome run and was very mellow.

Saturday - Townshend 5k (or so they say...) I ventured over to the next town for a local 5k that is on a flat road. I was hoping to get a solid workout in and possibly pick up some fitness.
All that happened was as follows:
Got pissed, ran slow, doubted the course length, went home for a hike.
Got pissed: just before the start of the race a dude looks me up and down and continues to do so. He then asks if I'm a "competitive runner," and part of me ways to be like, "you've been looking me up and down for 30 seconds, what the cuss do you think?"
I got no short on, even with the extra Lbs, I got to look a little fit? Anyways, I say kinda and ask if he is and he replies that he's VERY competitive. Way to go dude, just signed your death warrant.
To his credit, he took the race out like it was a 800, which he hit in 2:28, with me 6 seconds back and him still pulling away. I would eventually pass him at the mile 5:14, and continue rolling slow and finish with a heroic (typed that very sarcastically) 16:27 (which leads me to believe the course length a hair long). I was sluggish and also did not feel fast. Very competitive runner was a few sundial notches back.

Sunday - Greg Voltroned for a 14 miler it on the sap lines with a switchback descend. Greg's been under the weather with "The Greg," and is recovering quickly, or so I hope... Its like last of the Mohicans around here lately. We were able to run a normal time of the past, so that was cussin awesome. It was great to get caught up on cuss and let Greg know the uncensored, uncut and very politically incorrect tale of Sleepy Hollow.

Everyone's favorite outlaw; you're welcome.

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