Sunday, May 19, 2013

Lights In My Kingdom Come Home

This past week went well. I had days where I felt good and enjoyed the weather. VT marathon will be a cuss show of cluster cuss and I'll have to dig into the darkest depths of my soul to finish. I'm talking darkest of dark, Charlie Murphy darkness, but between my will and ego, I should be fine. One week out, here's my prep:

Tuesday - Najem picked me up from practice (I have been riding my bike to school due to a timing belt issue with my truck) and we hauled it to my shed I call home for 14 on the Sap Lines with a finish down the switchbacks. I ran an FTY (fastest time of the year) by a smidge.
Felt fairly good for most of the run.

Wednesday - 10 x Workout Hill. This was tough but I ran it very smart as to finish. The "Workout Hill," is part a main route for a bunch of runs. It is about 400m+ and runs anywhere from 3min to 2:30's (if your me and roll like a boss). It's grade has to be 14-16% so it's a cussin great hill for repeats.
I just relaxed and worked that hill as if I paid for her, and as always, I was satisfied with me work (yea, me work!).

Thursday - feeling the benefits of yesterday which also means feeling like a runner again (opposed to a death marcher). I've been thinking about the marathon and have been enjoying my mental fornications of it. I got a great race plan and just need to be patient early. I'm not scared of the distance (direct quote of another), and I'm looking forward to all the energy of the day.
Today's run was awesome. It was one of the days you're thankful to be alive and able to be in the universe and nature and soak the energy, cuss yea!!! I hustled up the switchbacks and ran the White Dot in reverse. The top forest meadow of the switchbacks was transcendent and amazing. Not the most ideal recovery day but I felt great and it was worth it so, it was a recovery day for me.
I can smell my swagger, it's faint but coming back...

Friday - Voltroned with Greg in Pisgah for a 9 spot. It was a true recovery day due to the terrain alone and felt good to just run trails without the hills. Fun run and all the girls were there, which was the first in a while and very cool.

Saturday - Banged on the Grafton Ponds trails and slipped up into the Lost Trail. Great run. This Lost Trail is moss covered and just plain awesome. Very relaxed and slow 10 was def a great idea. Super hilly but I was just looking for the miles.
Then hit Putney for a few rounds of yard golf and a Fyffe sighting. Day was as good as it gets.

Sunday - a semi-completed Voltron, as Greg and Najem united to run the Sap lines 14er. It was a fun run as we were able to all catch up on cuss and cuss.
Feeling good and rolling with the breeze. My kingdom is approaching and I'm stoked to be back as king.

Week total = 68 miles

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