Friday, September 28, 2012


Keene State Alumni race:
This used to be a race between the college and former collegiates, but now has turned into a fairly large preseason meet. It really didn't matter who is there, the shape I'm in, I'm going to run well.
I looked at this two different ways. One, it was a race, but two; it was more "us" (alumni) vs. "them" (college). The KSC team was looking good coming out of the summer, but comparatively they were a man with no arms: can't hang. AND, no one can be sour about that comment bc as it turned out, no on from KSC hung with 30 secs... But they did get some race experience with dudes (mostly me) from out of this world.
There was some, "who's going to be the top guy," bullshit, but that was all wasted words: everyone cussing knew.
The race plan was one of two things: go out in the front or just chill. I chose to just chill while on the warm up. When the gun went off, I slowly went to the front and ran my pace. As it turned out, that pace put me comfortably in the front and by myself for 2.79 miles. Two MIT nerds caught me with less than a quarter to go and it sucked to only have one gear.
With other races just been completed and accolades laid upon us I now say this: I was 3rd in the KSC PreSeason Invitational Friendly 5k, but 1st in the Alumni Race! Hell yea. Hahaha.
We then went to the legendary Pete Thomas house and had a BBQ, or a CharBQ...
The next day we hustled out 14 at my place and I ended the taper week with 66 miles and an itchy throat...

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