Friday, September 28, 2012

Odd Timing

It is the weirdest thing. All this self righteous confidence and all the miles and all the runs that served one purpose were challenged incredibly when I woke up on Monday. I woke feeling more awful than I can remember. My throat was on fire and I couldn't believe this was happening. No words can describe the utter fear of how my body felt. I had the thought that I might not make it to Switzerland.
My doctors was closed, so I had to deal with urgent care. thank goodness the doc on duty liked my idea: give me so many cussing meds to destroy this bacteria ASAP.
I leave for Switzerland in less than two days and I am beyond myself. My whole race plan is out the door. Strep throat can suck a penicillin cuss!
Monday and Tuesday were complete isolation days and drinking of fluid days. I peed every 20 minutes, and I was on a new challenge besides running. 500mg of penicillin 3 times a day. Nows the time to see what made of.

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