Friday, September 28, 2012

Hole In The Wall

I made it to Switzerland without any real issues. I didn't know where to go, but that's nothing for me to worry about.
I tried to video document some things along the way and I'll try to add them sooner than later.
I got from Zurich to Bern, and then Bern to Interlaken. No one knew where my hotel/hostel was, so it took a while.
I ended up walking 3k to my destination: Hotel Schönbühl. It was awesome.
I commandeered a bicycle and wanted to check out the course. This was easy bc the whole course was marked with permanent street signs! I rode over the first half the course but never got the first big climb. Like I said, I took some vids and will post them ASAP. I got to one of my favorite places, Lauterbrunnen, which is a mountain side village. Very cool. All the villages have a flag, the village I stayed in had a badass mountain goat on a shield. Cussing gnarly. I love Switzerland. The mountains are almost fake looking. the rise from a few hundred feet above sea level to 14+! Cuss yea!!! I was right in the bottom of the valley.
I hoofed around the town for a while before I met up with Brandy Erholtz. We both got to town a day before the rest of the gang. We chitted and chatted and was great to meet her. She is beyond unreal when it comes to climbing, but is a tremendous person and great fun energy to be around.
We hob knobbed all through dinner, mostly me asking her about the weeks before world championship where the USA women won gold at the USA Mountain Running Trophy.
Dinner was cool and meeting up with Brandy was awesome. I am excited to meet everyone else.
Friday brought an amazing sunrise to the deepest valley on earth (cool fact). Brandy and I joined up for breakfast and to talk about the days events ahead of us. Today, Friday, is when the whole gang will stroll in. We were to meet at the main tent, which was cussing ginormous, to meet/greet and gear up.
Outside the tent we ended up bumping into the rest of the women's team, coincidently, and introduced myself to all: Kim Dobson, Gina Lucrezi, Ashley Arnold. Melody Fairchild would round out the group of ladies and we would catch her that evening.
We entered to tent and noticed Sage Canaday wandering. As an amoeba picking up another, we continued to the main area to meet Jason Bryant. He had all the team gear. Sage's parents were there also (great people) and it was great to meet everyone.
Once a together we divided up all the gear, which was electric in energy and color, and ate us some lunch.
Drinking, peeing, eating and repeating is all I'm thinking about in attempts to refuel to 100%.
After lunch, Jason, Sage (and 'rents) and I went to check out parts of the course. I had a separate agenda also and it was to see the famous Trammellbachfalles (waterfalls).
After seeing the course, everyone else headed back to either run of rest and I went adventuring. I didn't want to miss this natural phenomenon and I got some other great sites along the way. I had to hitchhike my way around, but relied on my boyish good looks and innocent smile. It worked every time.
The waterfalls were beyond what I expected and were unreal.
Hitched a ride back, thought I was going to die bc my driver was a Andretti fan (?) and drove like a pissed off teenager.
In my head: Dear Deities, let me be able to run this race...
Also worked!
I then got back after that adventure to head to the opening ceremony and dinner. We missed the ceremony bc the tent was so big we, along with all the other English speaking countries (Wales, Scotland, Ireland, England) and the Africans, that we were all sitting waiting for the damn thing to start. Hahaha. It was still awesome hanging with all these gnarly Americans and just talk. G dug! Haha. This is where I met Melody Fairchild (sounds like an actress) who is amazingly humble and great.
The night was late and the ladies race the next day. Very pumped to see their race and root for new friend.

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