Monday, July 1, 2013

Przynieść Ból

I can feel it happening and I love it: hunger, desire, need... I'm hungrier than a starved great white on cocaine. 
The miles have been getting increased and the rest has been minimal and I'm feeling the effects: confidence. 
Last week was a 95 mile week and this week was an increase of that. My soulfire is burning hot and I'm getting after it. Soulfire burns hot and is ravaging, and you must let it run its course. 

Monday - took my rest day here before I unleash and opted for a 5 miler. I felt unreal from the beginning but promised myself that soul devouring would commence soon enough. 

Tuesday - I hustled to Mount Monadnock for a fitness day of mountain therapy. I was going to put two solid efforts in; one was up and over then up and over to come back. 
I hit the trail where the record was set by Elijah Barrett (24:44), the White Dot. This is about 1.9 miles and I'd never been on it. When Elijah set the record he def didn't have the mountain background that I have, and 24:44 would be a huge effort (so I was thinking...). My goal was to get up aggressive and down with getting hurt or twisting anything. 
The weather was hot and humid and made the conditions tough but ideal for adverse effects. 
The White Dot is very tough (as I found out) and was happy to reach the summit in 25:44 on a very solid effort. The Bossman (Elijah) set a very tough standard and it was great to have his energy around me as I worked. 
I then hit the White Cross trail on the way down to the toll road. This is about 2.3 and very runnable up the road. My goal here was to really stride it out and run fast, then grind like I do the rest of the way and hit a solid time. 
I made it back up the summit in 27:00, work was done, felt great. Descended the White Dot, took my time and logged a very honest and solid 10 miles. All before 9am. 

Wednesday - zipped out to Grafton to do a little light work on the power lines. I opted for an out and back. I want to be as ready as possible for my world domination in Poland. This course suits me more (based on the profile), where there is a lot of climbing early (1600m to start the race) then a lot if rolling mountains after that. The power lines are similar, on a very small scale, as there are some steep sections and some gradual climbs. Solid 15.
I'm the afternoon I teamed up with the Moore boys for 7 on the Vermont Academy trails. I then ran home to slam a 9 for my afternoon run... Cuss yea! 

Thursday - I took a mini adventure with Fyffe to Gilsum to run with George. Ran a very interesting 10 miler. We would push the hills then slow down on the flats, but was a solid run nonetheless. 
In the afternoon I hit Ledge Rd with the Moore boys for 9 on the Lost Trail. They wanted me to show them some awesome runs, that's all I do, so in talk g them to my normal days running areas. 

Friday - woke up a bit tired but shook it off with a 7 miler at Grafton Ponds. It was a lazy run just to snag a few miles. 
In the afternoon I hit up Putney with Fyffe, Greg and Najem. Runs like this with my kinsman reassure me that I can do anything. Great run with great lifers! 

Saturday - woke up at 6am and got my day started and over with ASAP. I logged 17 flat road miles on the Marathon Road, but did it as an out and back. The weather cooperated where it was hot, but never unbearable. 

Sunday - Putney long runs may be back for good. Cuss yea! We Voltroned at Fyffe's for a long run and had a solid group. The regs of Greg, Najem and Fyffe, but also had PacMan, Brett and a newbie, Brandon Davis. We ventured from the covert culvert for a hybrid of trails and roads. Upon returning to the culvert for a swim and cool off, we were greeted by a VT woods nymph with a wonderful strawberry tone. Good gracious! Thank goodness for the freezing healing waters of Putney or magic would have def been on display... 

Solid week: 110 miles and 205 for two weeks. Time to get nasty...

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  1. When do you "bring the pain" to Poland? (I had to look it up.)

    Always inspired to read of your conquests! Hope there are many more 100-mile weeks ahead!