Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Flawless Ideologies

The past two weeks have been an absolute blur with two of my hetero-life mates getting married, cutting some miles, keeping the intensity and prepping for a Euro adventure. 
Def feel undertrained but there is no real way to train for the unexpected, so my undertrained feeling is fine with me bc I know I did all I could in the time frame I had. This trip is justification of a lot of hard work, discipline, awesomeness and wildness. Cuss yea!
He last two weeks were "phase 3" of my training where I switched a few items and added some slight uptempo work. 
Had some 100+ mile weeks with a lot of climbing and the last two weeks went as follows: 80 and then 70. 
My main goal the last two weeks was to not get sick, so the last month combined I have been crushing garlic and lemons. Seems to have worked and I feel as ready as I can. 
Notable work done the two weeks ago was two sessions on the road:
A. 5 mile tempo in the middle of my 10 miler and;
B. 19 miles with 3 x 2 mile in the later part of the run. 
The 5 mile tempo was a solid run and went better than I could have thought in the 95 degree heat with cuss loads of humidity. I was hot the first mile with 5:18, and settled in here to finish 26:20 for the light work. This was originally supposed to be 8 miles, but with the heat (and wanting to run 5:40 pace) I cut it back. Felt great other than the heat and humidity. 
The other workout was on the Marathon Road and was slain a 3 x 2 mile amongst the 19 miles. The goal was to negative split each mile of each set. This was a hot day but there was little humidity, so it felt glorious. 
The first set I felt good, rolling 5:25 then 5:20 for 10:45, almost perfect. Set two , 5:25 then 5:10 for 10:35; and finished with a 5:13, 5:12 for a 10:25.
Felt really good about this workout and also felt really good in the workout. 
This ended a solid week and a total of 80 miles. 

The following week (or last week) I posted a 70 with a lot of doubles. Two workouts of choice were: hill sprints and 200's. 
just a lot of maintenance this week to try and stay sharp as possible. Both work outs were light and easy an I got to run in Camden ME (it took for cussing ever to get there buy was nice there). Tried to bang out this post before boarding so have to cut it short. Place your bets, anyone foolish to bet against me = go cuss yourself! 

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