Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Cuss It Until It Loves You

Coming out of a high mileage week and gnarly Loon race meant one thing: keep wildly rolling... I had a gnarly workout planned but postponed to give my body a few extra long days of rest and will rip some speed sessions (phase 2) next week. 
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Monday - Voltroned with Greg on the recovery trails of Grafton Ponds. The decision was to have some recovery and moderate terrain (virtually impossible in the here parts) and rolled 10 miles. We weaves through the GP trails before linking up to the upper Ledge Rd trains an the Lost Trail. Great run with a lifer  the weather was perfect and cooperated nicely with the recovery theme. 
Shoe of choice was the La Sportiva Helios, by far the best show I've rolled trails in. Def leaning towards this being my race shoe in Poland. 

Tuesday - today was hotter than a cussing devil fart and just overall nasty warm. I put a run in my head and I refused to let the weather dictate my plans or alter my plans. 
So, I headed out to the Athens Lookout. It's a very honest 7 miles out with loads of climbing and I wanted 14, so I hustled the same way back. The girls came with me and I adjusted the pace and stopped at all water spots so they could hydrate. 
It was so humid that I couldn't see 15 miles away Stratton! Dear cuss it was warm and my body was leaking excellence excessively. Ain't no rest for the wicked!

Wednesday - today was supposed to be a workout, but with goal race not far away, total body recovery is the most essential goal so I opted to double and chase a few miles. 
United with Greg at the Westmoreland rail bed for an early morning stroll. I felt amazingly awesome and added on a couple at the very end totaling out 10. Friends fuel the motivational fire. If you ain't got no friends, then cussing find some!
Later in the day I brought up and coming Jamie Moire out to the Latham Trail head for a West West/Athens hour. This trail is no joke and very tough. It's deco only tough bc the first 20 minutes is all flat to rolling then its straight down some amazing switchbacks followed by straight up to Athens Lookout. Very cool to fuel the fire of another...

Thursday - only have a dime on the schedule and made it a morning 10. Talked with JMoore and hustled to Saxtons River (2.5) then an out and back on Rt 121 (2.5) then home for a 10 mile morning. 
Def have a trail mind, the 12 cars that passed us were too much for me. Can't stand the roads, I'm wild and need wildness of the wilderness!

Friday - zipped down to Putney and ran (raced) with Fyffe for 9 miles. It is a super awesome run through the back roads of Putney and into Dummerston. Lots of rollers and we were rolling! Fyffe getting back into it is awesome. 
Later in the day I took the girls to GP for some light work on the single track and 9 more. 
It was going to be 12 but I hammered my ankle (so hard I almost threw up) and cut it short as too get in the river and soak. 
Dear cussing cuss it hurt like a cuss! What a cluster cuss of hog cuss...
Saturday - my hetero-lifemate, Matt Haley, is making his way north from the dirty ATL. This is great, he's a former KSC Owl and therefore lifer! 
I wanted to make a bigger day out if it, so I teamed up with Fyffe in the AM for 10 Grafton dirt road miles. This run is great bc there is one hill (7+/- min) and the last 3 miles is down hill and flat. Great run, and Grafton is a picturesque town. I feel like a running Chevy Chase from Funny Farm, town looks the same. 
Later in the day (after Haley arrived) we went back to Grafton to roll 12 on the power lines. The whole first half is almost all uphill which makes the turn around awesome running back. 
Big plans for Sundays run! Avalonian Ridge Run!!! Cuss Yea!!!

Sunday - Greg, Haley and myself teamed up at my place and the goal run is this: 2+ hour run from my house to the top of Putney Mtn via all trails on the Avalonian Ridge. At half way (The Pinnacle), Fyffe would meet us and finish the run with us. 
Total trail miles is around 18+ and is gnarly running the first 8. 
I felt awesome from the start. Greg raced the day before and Haley traveled so they weren't feeling as great as me. 
The weather was awesome, as it was cooler in the shade of the woods the whole run. There was also a great breeze that would grace is with its presence. 
This is one gnarly run as not for the weak hearted, def a bear heart run. Getting to the Pinnacle is a tough section of trail with loads of elevation gains. 
Fyffe was, as always, waiting for us and we continued as a full powered machine. 
Great run, great dudes, lifers! Cuss yea!!!
Always fun to get wild...
Total miles for the week: 113! 

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