Tuesday, June 25, 2013


This was the last week of school and very hectic. I was asked to be a run leader/instructor at the Wandelust festival at Stratton Mtn on the weekend and needed to start getting wild with some miles to be ready for Poland. 

Monday - Najem came out and we tackle the Sap Lines 12. This was the day after Mt W, and my ankle was feeling destroyed. It held up the whole run and the legs felt fine. 
My arms and back were sore from cliff climbing down Washington's Huntington Ravine. That was a poor choice as I twisted the cuss out of my ankle and bc I'm not going to rest, caused a long recovery process. Ain't no rest for the wicked. 

Tuesday - Voltroned with Greg and Najem on the rail bed for a 10. The rail bed is as flat as flat comes. It was great to cruise an easy 10 and hang out. I felt particularly good in the legs and enjoyed the idea of feeling good. 

Wednesday - I woke up and ran 5 on the trails begin the house. Felt fairly good as it was early. The temperature was ideal. The only way I get 5 is a lollipop type run or an out and back and both are hilly and take forever, but both finish downhill, as all my runs behind the house do, which seems more pleasant on the shorter runs. 
In the afternoon I headed over to Stratton to see the planned run I would be leading Waserlusters on the next few days. When I got there I couldn't find the dude I needed to so I went with plan B: run up Stratton to the long trail and go out 5, turn around an come back to get 10.
This was awesome. Stratton is a tough climb, am I was welcomed to the top by a large, yet young, juvenile moose. Very cool. 
I propellered  my cuss to show him who was boss, and then went about my way. The guy that has the record record up Stratton is a gnarly dude. He has uncuttable cuss hair, cuddles with a whole prides worth of lionesses, drinks from the fountain of youth, tickles great white sharks and kill a yak from a mile away with mind bullets; and yes, it's me. 

Thursday - solid 7 with a group that signed up at wanderlust at Stratton. The run they picked was no picnic, especially for people that are not your daily runners. We took our time and rolled. The coordinator thought it was going to e 6.2, but turned out to be (my Highgear gps) 7.1. We averaged just over 10 min pace total, so it was alright.
I was representing Lululemon as an ambassador and was looking real fine in their swaggered gear. It is a hell of a gig, I'm getting paid to run and hang out with cool people, not to mention, it's a yoga festival where 73% of the population was women that are health conscious, fit and open minded... Long story short, I became popular ;). The small fraction of men that were there was a combination of dudes with their girlfriends or dudes that don't like fems, fish in a barrel, fish in a barrel. 
I then went home and ran 10 more for 17 on the day. Hit the switchbacks and was feeling great. 
The music was awesome and was a hell of a time. I headed back to Stratton to partake on the music piece of the festival and loved every sec. 

Friday - I paid for all the dancing... Haha. Not really, my ankle  is still ballooned/swollen like my cuss in jockey's. Today at Stratton I only ran the 6.2 version of the run. I had a little more of a less experience group than the day before and we just covered the distance. Most of the people are from major cities and loved just being in the woods. It's easy to get caught up and forget how awesome the woods are and they were getting back some primalness. 
I don't take the outdoors for granted and never see myself ever. It was a ton of fun to see the people loving the trails. Also, I swore that Jennifer Aniston was in my group, I had to look at her for a solid 7 min to maybe doubt it. It took me running behind her  to finally conclude that it might not be. I was picturing the scene from The Break Up where she strolls down the hallway nudical, and just couldn't get it. This girls pseudo name sounded and looked like Jennifer Aniston. 

Saturday - early morning run at Stratton, then hustles home to roll 10 more with my girls. 16 on the day and felt great about it. 

Sunday - I had an ambitious group today and we had a great run. At the end there was an option to roll up half the mountain and that was what we did. Great group of people and solid run. 
Najem then came out and we tackled Ledge Rd, into Grafton Ponds, for a 13. We got on the pace and had a solid run, might have even Channing'd all over the Tatum. Great way to end the week. 

Total miles: 95 and it's about to go down! (by miles going up!!!)  

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  1. Solid week man! Jealous of Wanderlust and all the honeys!