Thursday, November 29, 2012

Jingle Jangle

Getting wild is a great feeling. I hustled out to the trails in Grafton and with limited daylight was going to roll out 5 easy miles. The first mile climbed over 700 feet and a lot of that was in the second half mile. I got hooked up with Highgear Timing Devices and I was rolling with the XT7 GPS-Altimeter. I really like the altimeter function. Very cool. it has the capability to measure large and big, which is what I roll with. That jingle jangle ain't change in my pockets, it's adamantium balls banging together.
After the very slow, but very hard first mile, the run was flat with minor rolling hills and I was able to run a solid pace. I wanted to test the functions of the watch a bit and wanted to see what pace I was rolling at. I was around 7:00 minute pace for the flats and in the 8'a when hills came. I had a 400m stretch (of flats) at 5:20 pace, which felt magical.
My brain was overloaded with ideas of distant lands and epic races with legendary outcomes... It feels good to be a gangster. Or an outlaw.
Jingle jangle...

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