Monday, November 26, 2012


It's like being single again. Thinking about what I'm going to say and how I'm going to say it. I decided to rev up my repertoire and enlighten the cyber sphere. You're welcome.
The past month has been a cussing cuss show. I was sicker than I had ever been in my existence on earth in this lifetime and I'm just starting to feel bits and pieces like me. It wasn't so much the Lyme's disease that cussed me, it was the spinal meningitis, I hate that guy. Once I started to look NOT like Sloth from the Goonies ("Hey you guys...") and the paralysis went away (I was still too pretty), was when I made the turn for the better. 21 straight days of intense IV meds blew!!! (although, I won the hearts of a few middle aged nurses and they fed my crackers of graham and saltine and supplied me with as much apple juice I could throw down in the 40 min it took to leak all the IV into my temple).
Supposedly I need to take it easy, but if I did things the easy way, it wouldn't be me.
I'd like to thank all those who sent their thoughts my way, it was much appreciated and valued. I truly believe in transcendental energy and it helped. For any haters, that helps just as much, so thank you and cuss yourself. For the 6 people that read this, spread the word: Ferenc is motivated.
I was able to run the day before Thanksgiving, a whole GD cuss mile. Results were immediate: I thought I was going to die by my heart pounding out of my chest.
Day 1: huge success.
I then took the day of thanks off and relaxed with the fam. Black Friday was a decent day and probably the happiest day I had by myself this whole last month.
I took the girls to Grafton, and hit up the power lines with the mountain bike. It's wicked hilly but a fun run. I was praying that the power lines would sent waves to my brain and kill off the rest of the cuss that's giving me headaches. (results are inconclusive). I rode 10 miles in around 2 hours. It was cussing awesome. It was a great day and brought a months worth of self reflections and life thinking to a new level. The girls were great and loved every second we shared outside.
Day 2: Bangarang
Sunday brought a morning without a headache, so naturally, it was a run day. I laced up my new La Sportiva Vertical K's (which will get your life hard they are so awesome) and hit the trail behind the house for a "test trial" 3 miler.
My main goal was to go very very very slow. I checked my watch at the end of the first hill and I was wildly fast. Cuss yea! I ended up running normal pace and was relaxed. I thanked the holy of holiness in the universe for a great day.
Day 3: mashed potatoes kind of party.
Today, Monday, brought me feeling good (slight headache) to GP for some trails with the girls. I was going to do 3, but once I was out there I didn't want to stop. Breathing was tight, but the air was cold, and everything else was in place. I hustled the Lady of the Wood to let me have 5 miles and she was down (Mother Nature is rooting for me, never betray her).
Day 4: Tom Bombadil would be proud.
Overall, I got my being ravished and I'm slowly feeling more like me... More confidant in my abilities than Kim Jong-il's at golf, prettier than Brad Pitt in Fight Club, more magical than Hermoine Granger in the bedroom working with MY Ollivander's and sexier than SK ;)! BOOM! That's what's happening in the wilds of VT...


  1. Awesome to hear - glad you're feeling better!!

  2. if you still live in the same house I saw, that trail behind is no joke. I slipped and fell like 20 seconds into that run and was sucking wind hard about 20 seconds later. Good to hear you are back at it.