Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Time to Pretend

The year is wrapping up and I ended my year where I started it, at Magic Mtn.  I'm fully healthy and looking to only increase what has been and look towards 2014 with 2013 being a great step in my pursuit of all things. 
This winter break has been great in the way it has made me truly realize that I would be a fantastic millionaire, as I don't want to work, I'd rather bang on a drum all day, run and just hang out and be... But the cruel reality is I have to work and it is probably good I do bc it gives me a deeper focused desire to get out there and work for what I want/need. 

Thursday - I wanted to try out a new run on the roads so I left the girls home and I zipped out to Grafton to explore a 12-15 mile run. The run was great and tough. I was either climbing or slipping the whole time. The weather wasn't ideal as it was an interesting mix of sleet and cut-your-cussing-eyeballs precipitation.
It was all roads and a mix of dirt and paved. Turned out to be just shy of 15, so I'm calling it 15, and was happy with the effort as I worked the climbs and the flats and recovered on the slippery downhills. 
Total time was 1:45 and some change, so I was a little disappointed to only see 14.8 on the GPS, so 15 it is. 
In the afternoon I went hiking with the Fyffe's and my girls were nice enough to run away... This lasted a couple days, which were stressed filled and a lot of pisstivity. 

Saturday - I was all set to run in Pisgah with Greg when my cellular device let me know that ninjas an incoming call which was from VT. Upon answering, I learned that the person that had phoned me had my girls at their house, so, I was unable to run and went to pick up my girls in cussing Putney-Brookline-Dummerston border. For those of you who don't know, this is cussing real cussing far away from where I live. The call did make me feel better to know they were alive, safe and sound. While my girls were gone I totaled 397 miles of driving looking for them and it was all in a 12 mile radius. Just like Billy Madison said, "you got to get out there and find those cussing dogs!" 
I did however run! I met up with a buddy, Morgan Brown (who is even more cool and interesting than the Dous Equis guy), for a run at his place which used to also be the trails I lived and ran for a few months once bc we were neighbors. We ran some great trails and it was great to catch up and chat about the going ons that are our lives. 

Sunday - Voltroned with Greg and the CMont guys (Brent and Justin) joined us as well. Originally it was supposed to be a trail run which got thought to be a road run and the communication got cussed. It was decided to run trails, which was an awesome decision, and we started out behind my house. 
These trails aren't the easiest, and I happened to feel better than amazing the whole run. I think I was the only one that had this feeling. We ventured the trails to the Athens Lookout, further south to West West Sketch Village (new age Deliverance could be filmed here) then back to the sap lines to the switchbacks. All in all a great run with great dudes. 
A lot of conclusion were made that day, for instance, next Sunday will be a road run, I'm fit, no one wants to do a race called Reach the Bitch (Beach?), everyone is doing Pisgah 50k, I'm awesome and we like sports and we don't care who knows.  
The whole run was 2:13 and very satisfying (even though I'm usually never satisfied, just like my bro Chaz Micheals Micheals). 

Monday - woke up feeling great and had 10 miles on my mind as I was going to see if this could be a possible morning run. I had to park at the Cambridgeport General Store and got out there. Nice on in mostly dirt roads until the last 3, which is on the Marathon Road. It also intersects a mile mark so I decided to get some work in. I didn't wear a watch but was easily clipping 4:10's like it was easy. Ah, cuss! Typo, I was cruising 5:40's... But really, same thing?! The last mile I did give 95% effort of what I had left and felt good to finish strong, hard and fast (that's what she...). 

Tuesday - Hustled to Timber Ridge in Windham VT, which is the backside of Magic Mtn, and ended my year where I physically started it. It was immediate blissful happiness being on the mtn. The trail had had a snowmobile on it and the conditions were ok, bit great, but ok. After the climb, which was very tough, I found that the connector over to Magic wasn't open yet and the snow was deep and fluffy. The trail did however loop to the top of Magic, so I continued that way. To the top of Timberidge where I start is exactly 2.5 miles, and it took forever (didn't wear a watch bc I didn't give a cuss, but recognized it was slow and very tough). I then saw a small abandoned ski trail and decided to explore a bit. This trail was what I went there for, I was looking for something magical to set my mind at peace and have an absolutely enjoyable day. This trail was it. 
(Cuss yea, was about to escape my mouth). 

The trails was about 8 feet across, completely snow covered and slowly weaved itself down the mountain. It was untouched by anyone. A lot of game tracks, followed by my girls prints and my own. It was so much fun cruising down the mountain and the powder, and it was just cussing awesome!!! My girls looked awesome, the lighting, the snow, the trail, everything was awesome and to end 2013 this way was incendiary ("hey man, I want to be incendiary too!") 
I'm not into resolutions or the idea that a year switching over changes anything in me or I need to modify something in my life bc the year is changing. Everyday I'm looking towards setting and achieving goals but to "start" this next phase healthy is 12 inches of rock hard awesomeness that I'm going to club and cuss things up!!!

Year in Review: I've been cut from the quarry of the gods, chiseled in the halls of my own, my heart harvested from the irons of the Earth and forged in the fires of the beginnings of time. I got a big mouth, bigger goals and even larger balls, which all will be feared and validated in the months to come! 
Cuss yea! Tip your waitress!!!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Only The Righteous

"As I lay dying, the woman with the dog's eyes would not close my eyes as I descended into Hades."

The beginning of the week was weak! The weather and timing of some events made it very difficult to really get after my plans so I had to postpone and resituate. With first few days being nothing special, maintenance running, I was gearing up for sow thing gnarly. 

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were nice hour long runs and the rhythm of the week smoothed before some gnarliness...

Saturday - Voltroned and headed to Mt Ascutney. Greg wanted something epic or gnarly and a trip up the snow covered auto road was that. The conditions were better than forecast (didn't rain), and made for a good day once we reached the top. 
We climbed well and were running in between 12 and 12:30 min miles on the way up. I felt good/great, mostly due to the excitement, which is always a welcome sensation while running. Greg seemed fine as well as we took our time and reached the end of the auto road in 45 min and some change. This has to be a winter FKT and I'll challenge anyone who wants to meet and settle the best way possible: race! 
Greg kept the watch and clipped all the splits... 
8:31/45:58-parking lot
7:18/1:04:26-parking lot
4:59/1:25:57-total time round trip
Winter FKT?! Cuss yea it is!!!

Sunday - with the weather holding off Greg talked me into joining him for a run with the Claremont boys up at there place. I was hesitant to the idea of running around Claremont; for obvious reasons that it could be an armpit of the state, but as we got out of "Claremont" and into the back roads, it was more like the armpit of a chick with nice mammary glands and the back roads represented the circumnavigation of the NLT ariola. So... The run was very enjoyable. We ended up clocking 18.2547367 GPS miles in 2 hours. 

Monday - ran with a local HSer on the back roads of Grafton (every road in Grafton is essentially a back road), and showed him a nice hour loop. It was a nice recovery day as I was looking forward to an epic run the following day. 

Tuesday - Bear run!!! This was awesome. I planned this run last year but hen got sucker than a Tijuana pony girl so I had to delay the run until I was for and ready. I expected the run to be anywhere from 3.5-4 hours and/or roughly 22-28 miles. Since all were in my wheelhouse I was ready to end the 2013 year with a run I was committed to last year at this time. 
The path would be from the trail behind my house, to the Athens Lookout, out through Athens on a dirt road to Brookline, connecting back to the trails to the Pinnacle of Putney and weave my way back to the Athens Lookout and then the Sap Lines to the switchbacks. And... I did just this. The run was just under 3:50 and clocked in at 24+ miles which I'm calling 25. (If you feel you don't believe this distance, lace up your shoes and your mouth and come meet me for a hustle and we will test the length and distance). 
The run started easy and I was surprised how little show there was. The trail was 90% clear (once I got 2 miles from my Twilight Zone snowbelt I live in). Climbing back to the Pinnacle from the road was a gnarly climb but awesome. I figured that the Pinnacle of Putney was about half way and I was only feeling 6 inches to balls deep with at least 4-6 inches to go before balls deep. I was feeling great!!!
I brought my girls with me and they were absolutely awesome! 
Athens Lookout
Pinnacle of Putney 
Top of the Switchbacks behind my house. 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Sweet Fancy Moses

I'm happy with this week of rolling but still have some work to get to where I want to be and then even more work to chisel the best use of my goals. But it really all comes back to the same old story of consistency. 
I've been having fun and thinking a lot on my runs. I got a great fun concept I seem to think about, especially when in the woods/trails, is a Love Jug. I've been thinking about all the things that make my memories awesome and every time I I deposit the memory in my Love Jug. Awesome run, BANG! In the Love Jug. Great section of trail, SHAZAM! In the Love Jug. Great people, ZAP! In the Love Jug. Like saving pennies... 
Next thing I know, not only is my run done, but I've reflected on a cornucopious amount of positive memories/thoughts. It's a great way to spend time in nature and appreciate all I have around me. 
I can lose sight of all the amazing opportunities at times when I have my eyes, heart and soul locked in on the next endeavor and this is a great way to put what IS, into perspective. For the 9 people that read this smut (4 of which are reading on the toilet), what is it that you'd through down into your Love Jug? What do you Love? What makes you eternally happy? Whatever it is, deposit into the Love Jug...

Monday - banged out a great run on the switch backs trail and was at peace with my day, which was very stressful. The girls were amazing companions and they are tremendous to watch fly along next to me. Due to the daylight, I've been getting after my runs a bit more and increasing my efforts, and loving it. Running fast (or more running at a high effort, my trails are baller) is a great feeling when it is effortless. Not a bad birthday run! Happy birthday to me, and if you didn't mentally wish me a happy GD cussing birthday, karma is going to cuss your cuss! (Belated wishes are appreciated). 

Wednesday - loved the run so much from the day before I wanted to equal the effort but ran it in reverse. This adds a lot of climbing after the first 8 min. I did my best impression of myself and slaid souls up the switch backs. 
I was having fun mentally winning races and taking it to people. Great run with lots of smiling and fun thinking. 

Thursday -  put the best effort of the week in. I haven't been wearing a watch bc I feel that I'm just trying to build fitness and miles right now. I know how long the run is and don't care about the time. I know if I'm taking it easy or just being me and rolling. Coming down the switchbacks was great, there was a bit if snow out there and it has made for eye appealing landscape. Very fun. 

Friday - hustled to Pisgah to Voltron with Greg. Great run. Felt good from the day before and bodes well for how I'll feel the rest of the week. 

Sunday - Greg Voltroned out to my place for our first trip back to the Marathon Road. He brought two new dudes, Justin Montgomery and Brent Wilmont out of Northern Acworth area. This was great as I have never really met these guys but heard they were good dudes. 
Having never run with then before, I really didn't know what to expect and was happy to have had them there as we ran a solid pace the whole time. We were sub 2 hours and any time under that is a solid run. 
It's always fun to meet new gluts have them pick your brain, share stories and share training thoughts. These guys had some new perspectives on topics and it was a great run. 
I felt better than awesome once I warmed up and coasted through the rest of the run. This was a great first Marathon Road for the winter and I plan to be out on the loop a lot. 

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Coffin Stakes

Thanksgiving week turned out to be a helter skelter of the following: fitness, emotional, and health. Early in the week I felt like I was having flu like symptoms and just not feeling right. This was highly disappointing (as I was all righteous about getting back to my roots of doing whatever it takes to get after it) and lead to some important days if resting. I still believe that the rest day is the most important day of the week but was hoping to use it for fitness rest and not health rest. 
Added to the flu like symptoms were high levels of anxiousness and the inability to be relaxed in my whole being. This was very uncomfortable to think about as these were the exact tellings to my downfall last year with Lymes. Long story short: I'm back on the sauce (1000mg of Cuss You Lymes antibiotics). Knowing this also means only one option: put that bacteria through hellish pain! And get righteously fit and put my body in the best possible shape to cleanse my system. Cuss yea!

Wednesday - the height of anxious and flu like symptoms needed an old dose of relaxation, so I hustled to Grafton Ponds to hit an easy 3 miles. I HAVE to race on thanksgiving at a local race (Stratton) bc there is some serious smackeroos. 1st is a cuss load, second is half a cuss load (but still a cuss load) and third is still worth it. So today's shake out was mind over matter prep for tomorrow. 
Small town VT with bookuu bucks, cuss yea! There is no on in the area that will be a threat, it's a vacationer that could prose an issue. 

Thursday - I got up early, insanely anxious, and got to Stratton very early. The race starts at 9, but the site said they are not letting in any other runner, spin had to get there to plead my case. I didn't end up having too and registration was easy. 
Sitting in the parking lot became a waiting game and I was sizing everyone up who got out of there cars. If there were VT plates, not worried; out is state plates took a minimal amount of assessment until... I saw the familiar threads of my BAA breathren. Cuss. And he looked a lot like Sam Alexander, and you know why? Because it was Sam Alexander. That rat cuss made my day a lot harder. If he wasn't a brother I'd hate him being here, so I'll just loath instead. Ha. In honest, dude is wicked nice and I was glad to have met him as we already planned out our next run when he's in the area. 
But seriously, what the hell is he doing here? Turns out he has T day in the area every year. Not to sound like a total vagine, I was hoping to cruise and collect then eat like a lard cuss. Looks like a little work was to be had (and who am I kidding, I'm cuss deep every effort and would have run as hard as I could). 
Weather conditions (snow the night before and race day it was cold and windy) made it so the course had to be changed to an out and back from Stratton village to the sun bowl and back. By way if the odometer it read 3.3, and that's not including the village section that needed to be done twice, so easily 3.5+ (maybe even 5miles). Ha. It's rolling down to start then rolling up to finish. 
The race started through the village and after reality set in it was just Sam and I (way out). 
He ran just off my shoulder as I knew my current fitness would make it tough to take him down (based on his killing of races lately), so I needed to run my own style. Just so happens it agreed with him and we rolled out for the first half. I knew I was going to have to grind the whole way back in to be close and that about what happened. He slowly pulled away and got a comfortable (15 secs) lead that wouldn't change on the hills back in. 
He told me after that he didn't want me to be around him on the hills (which is understandable) but these hills were very runnable and were tough bc I never went into my climbing gear, just inclined speed gear. 
Sam won, I was 17-19 secs back and happy with my effort (as my body felt good) and the amount I would be able to make it rain later ($). 
Also turned out to be a great 10 mile day.
Thanksgiving wa awesome. I'm thankful for all the amazing people in my life and the unreal opportunities I've had and the idea of opportunities to come. I'm very fortunate. Here at my parents I'm chillin' with my youngest brother, Ike (he's a basenji from Africa), this pic is for real, that is my face! Need to trim and sharpen up a bit (may be about 10-12 lbs over race weight). 

Friday - woke up feeling fine, can't seem to shake the headache, but body feeling better. The meds at least give me peace of mind, so I medded up and hit the trails for an easy 10 with the girls. Ledge Rd was my poison and it was a great run up and over the hills, through Grafton ponds and back. 

Saturday - the weather was better than the day before so I hit Ledge Rd again but this time the Lost Trail 10 miler. I hit it in reverse and really enjoyed myself. The girls loved it and was a truly awesome run. Trying to relax has been improbable lately so great runs are an awesome step to reaching relaxation. I also have been implementing some mediation focused around "being" and this is helpful. The idea of letting go is very hard for me as I don't want to lose site of my goals and dreams (and killer attitude around netball/physical sharpness), so this is unique and I've been successful in my attempts. 

Sunday - I Voltroned with Greg and George came with as well. We parked at the base of Mt Wantisquest along the CT river and the plan was to venture up and over into Pisgah. Point to point run of 2:18. Greg, Najem and I did this run last summer in the stifling heat and it was tough, while today's weather made it extremely enjoyable. Great run! This exact trail that we were on has now been connected all the way to Monadnock and appears to be in need of an FKT. Possibly next weekend, who knows. But today was an awesome run which I felt very good on the whole time.