Sunday, December 1, 2013

Coffin Stakes

Thanksgiving week turned out to be a helter skelter of the following: fitness, emotional, and health. Early in the week I felt like I was having flu like symptoms and just not feeling right. This was highly disappointing (as I was all righteous about getting back to my roots of doing whatever it takes to get after it) and lead to some important days if resting. I still believe that the rest day is the most important day of the week but was hoping to use it for fitness rest and not health rest. 
Added to the flu like symptoms were high levels of anxiousness and the inability to be relaxed in my whole being. This was very uncomfortable to think about as these were the exact tellings to my downfall last year with Lymes. Long story short: I'm back on the sauce (1000mg of Cuss You Lymes antibiotics). Knowing this also means only one option: put that bacteria through hellish pain! And get righteously fit and put my body in the best possible shape to cleanse my system. Cuss yea!

Wednesday - the height of anxious and flu like symptoms needed an old dose of relaxation, so I hustled to Grafton Ponds to hit an easy 3 miles. I HAVE to race on thanksgiving at a local race (Stratton) bc there is some serious smackeroos. 1st is a cuss load, second is half a cuss load (but still a cuss load) and third is still worth it. So today's shake out was mind over matter prep for tomorrow. 
Small town VT with bookuu bucks, cuss yea! There is no on in the area that will be a threat, it's a vacationer that could prose an issue. 

Thursday - I got up early, insanely anxious, and got to Stratton very early. The race starts at 9, but the site said they are not letting in any other runner, spin had to get there to plead my case. I didn't end up having too and registration was easy. 
Sitting in the parking lot became a waiting game and I was sizing everyone up who got out of there cars. If there were VT plates, not worried; out is state plates took a minimal amount of assessment until... I saw the familiar threads of my BAA breathren. Cuss. And he looked a lot like Sam Alexander, and you know why? Because it was Sam Alexander. That rat cuss made my day a lot harder. If he wasn't a brother I'd hate him being here, so I'll just loath instead. Ha. In honest, dude is wicked nice and I was glad to have met him as we already planned out our next run when he's in the area. 
But seriously, what the hell is he doing here? Turns out he has T day in the area every year. Not to sound like a total vagine, I was hoping to cruise and collect then eat like a lard cuss. Looks like a little work was to be had (and who am I kidding, I'm cuss deep every effort and would have run as hard as I could). 
Weather conditions (snow the night before and race day it was cold and windy) made it so the course had to be changed to an out and back from Stratton village to the sun bowl and back. By way if the odometer it read 3.3, and that's not including the village section that needed to be done twice, so easily 3.5+ (maybe even 5miles). Ha. It's rolling down to start then rolling up to finish. 
The race started through the village and after reality set in it was just Sam and I (way out). 
He ran just off my shoulder as I knew my current fitness would make it tough to take him down (based on his killing of races lately), so I needed to run my own style. Just so happens it agreed with him and we rolled out for the first half. I knew I was going to have to grind the whole way back in to be close and that about what happened. He slowly pulled away and got a comfortable (15 secs) lead that wouldn't change on the hills back in. 
He told me after that he didn't want me to be around him on the hills (which is understandable) but these hills were very runnable and were tough bc I never went into my climbing gear, just inclined speed gear. 
Sam won, I was 17-19 secs back and happy with my effort (as my body felt good) and the amount I would be able to make it rain later ($). 
Also turned out to be a great 10 mile day.
Thanksgiving wa awesome. I'm thankful for all the amazing people in my life and the unreal opportunities I've had and the idea of opportunities to come. I'm very fortunate. Here at my parents I'm chillin' with my youngest brother, Ike (he's a basenji from Africa), this pic is for real, that is my face! Need to trim and sharpen up a bit (may be about 10-12 lbs over race weight). 

Friday - woke up feeling fine, can't seem to shake the headache, but body feeling better. The meds at least give me peace of mind, so I medded up and hit the trails for an easy 10 with the girls. Ledge Rd was my poison and it was a great run up and over the hills, through Grafton ponds and back. 

Saturday - the weather was better than the day before so I hit Ledge Rd again but this time the Lost Trail 10 miler. I hit it in reverse and really enjoyed myself. The girls loved it and was a truly awesome run. Trying to relax has been improbable lately so great runs are an awesome step to reaching relaxation. I also have been implementing some mediation focused around "being" and this is helpful. The idea of letting go is very hard for me as I don't want to lose site of my goals and dreams (and killer attitude around netball/physical sharpness), so this is unique and I've been successful in my attempts. 

Sunday - I Voltroned with Greg and George came with as well. We parked at the base of Mt Wantisquest along the CT river and the plan was to venture up and over into Pisgah. Point to point run of 2:18. Greg, Najem and I did this run last summer in the stifling heat and it was tough, while today's weather made it extremely enjoyable. Great run! This exact trail that we were on has now been connected all the way to Monadnock and appears to be in need of an FKT. Possibly next weekend, who knows. But today was an awesome run which I felt very good on the whole time. 

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  1. Cuss! Sorry to hear that Lymes is back. Don't be afraid to rest if you need it.