Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Sweet Fancy Moses

I'm happy with this week of rolling but still have some work to get to where I want to be and then even more work to chisel the best use of my goals. But it really all comes back to the same old story of consistency. 
I've been having fun and thinking a lot on my runs. I got a great fun concept I seem to think about, especially when in the woods/trails, is a Love Jug. I've been thinking about all the things that make my memories awesome and every time I I deposit the memory in my Love Jug. Awesome run, BANG! In the Love Jug. Great section of trail, SHAZAM! In the Love Jug. Great people, ZAP! In the Love Jug. Like saving pennies... 
Next thing I know, not only is my run done, but I've reflected on a cornucopious amount of positive memories/thoughts. It's a great way to spend time in nature and appreciate all I have around me. 
I can lose sight of all the amazing opportunities at times when I have my eyes, heart and soul locked in on the next endeavor and this is a great way to put what IS, into perspective. For the 9 people that read this smut (4 of which are reading on the toilet), what is it that you'd through down into your Love Jug? What do you Love? What makes you eternally happy? Whatever it is, deposit into the Love Jug...

Monday - banged out a great run on the switch backs trail and was at peace with my day, which was very stressful. The girls were amazing companions and they are tremendous to watch fly along next to me. Due to the daylight, I've been getting after my runs a bit more and increasing my efforts, and loving it. Running fast (or more running at a high effort, my trails are baller) is a great feeling when it is effortless. Not a bad birthday run! Happy birthday to me, and if you didn't mentally wish me a happy GD cussing birthday, karma is going to cuss your cuss! (Belated wishes are appreciated). 

Wednesday - loved the run so much from the day before I wanted to equal the effort but ran it in reverse. This adds a lot of climbing after the first 8 min. I did my best impression of myself and slaid souls up the switch backs. 
I was having fun mentally winning races and taking it to people. Great run with lots of smiling and fun thinking. 

Thursday -  put the best effort of the week in. I haven't been wearing a watch bc I feel that I'm just trying to build fitness and miles right now. I know how long the run is and don't care about the time. I know if I'm taking it easy or just being me and rolling. Coming down the switchbacks was great, there was a bit if snow out there and it has made for eye appealing landscape. Very fun. 

Friday - hustled to Pisgah to Voltron with Greg. Great run. Felt good from the day before and bodes well for how I'll feel the rest of the week. 

Sunday - Greg Voltroned out to my place for our first trip back to the Marathon Road. He brought two new dudes, Justin Montgomery and Brent Wilmont out of Northern Acworth area. This was great as I have never really met these guys but heard they were good dudes. 
Having never run with then before, I really didn't know what to expect and was happy to have had them there as we ran a solid pace the whole time. We were sub 2 hours and any time under that is a solid run. 
It's always fun to meet new gluts have them pick your brain, share stories and share training thoughts. These guys had some new perspectives on topics and it was a great run. 
I felt better than awesome once I warmed up and coasted through the rest of the run. This was a great first Marathon Road for the winter and I plan to be out on the loop a lot. 

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  1. Loving the word choice in the beginning with the SHAZAM, BANG and ZAP! Definitely want to get over to VT for some runs on the weekend when the weather cooperates.