Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Time to Pretend

The year is wrapping up and I ended my year where I started it, at Magic Mtn.  I'm fully healthy and looking to only increase what has been and look towards 2014 with 2013 being a great step in my pursuit of all things. 
This winter break has been great in the way it has made me truly realize that I would be a fantastic millionaire, as I don't want to work, I'd rather bang on a drum all day, run and just hang out and be... But the cruel reality is I have to work and it is probably good I do bc it gives me a deeper focused desire to get out there and work for what I want/need. 

Thursday - I wanted to try out a new run on the roads so I left the girls home and I zipped out to Grafton to explore a 12-15 mile run. The run was great and tough. I was either climbing or slipping the whole time. The weather wasn't ideal as it was an interesting mix of sleet and cut-your-cussing-eyeballs precipitation.
It was all roads and a mix of dirt and paved. Turned out to be just shy of 15, so I'm calling it 15, and was happy with the effort as I worked the climbs and the flats and recovered on the slippery downhills. 
Total time was 1:45 and some change, so I was a little disappointed to only see 14.8 on the GPS, so 15 it is. 
In the afternoon I went hiking with the Fyffe's and my girls were nice enough to run away... This lasted a couple days, which were stressed filled and a lot of pisstivity. 

Saturday - I was all set to run in Pisgah with Greg when my cellular device let me know that ninjas an incoming call which was from VT. Upon answering, I learned that the person that had phoned me had my girls at their house, so, I was unable to run and went to pick up my girls in cussing Putney-Brookline-Dummerston border. For those of you who don't know, this is cussing real cussing far away from where I live. The call did make me feel better to know they were alive, safe and sound. While my girls were gone I totaled 397 miles of driving looking for them and it was all in a 12 mile radius. Just like Billy Madison said, "you got to get out there and find those cussing dogs!" 
I did however run! I met up with a buddy, Morgan Brown (who is even more cool and interesting than the Dous Equis guy), for a run at his place which used to also be the trails I lived and ran for a few months once bc we were neighbors. We ran some great trails and it was great to catch up and chat about the going ons that are our lives. 

Sunday - Voltroned with Greg and the CMont guys (Brent and Justin) joined us as well. Originally it was supposed to be a trail run which got thought to be a road run and the communication got cussed. It was decided to run trails, which was an awesome decision, and we started out behind my house. 
These trails aren't the easiest, and I happened to feel better than amazing the whole run. I think I was the only one that had this feeling. We ventured the trails to the Athens Lookout, further south to West West Sketch Village (new age Deliverance could be filmed here) then back to the sap lines to the switchbacks. All in all a great run with great dudes. 
A lot of conclusion were made that day, for instance, next Sunday will be a road run, I'm fit, no one wants to do a race called Reach the Bitch (Beach?), everyone is doing Pisgah 50k, I'm awesome and we like sports and we don't care who knows.  
The whole run was 2:13 and very satisfying (even though I'm usually never satisfied, just like my bro Chaz Micheals Micheals). 

Monday - woke up feeling great and had 10 miles on my mind as I was going to see if this could be a possible morning run. I had to park at the Cambridgeport General Store and got out there. Nice on in mostly dirt roads until the last 3, which is on the Marathon Road. It also intersects a mile mark so I decided to get some work in. I didn't wear a watch but was easily clipping 4:10's like it was easy. Ah, cuss! Typo, I was cruising 5:40's... But really, same thing?! The last mile I did give 95% effort of what I had left and felt good to finish strong, hard and fast (that's what she...). 

Tuesday - Hustled to Timber Ridge in Windham VT, which is the backside of Magic Mtn, and ended my year where I physically started it. It was immediate blissful happiness being on the mtn. The trail had had a snowmobile on it and the conditions were ok, bit great, but ok. After the climb, which was very tough, I found that the connector over to Magic wasn't open yet and the snow was deep and fluffy. The trail did however loop to the top of Magic, so I continued that way. To the top of Timberidge where I start is exactly 2.5 miles, and it took forever (didn't wear a watch bc I didn't give a cuss, but recognized it was slow and very tough). I then saw a small abandoned ski trail and decided to explore a bit. This trail was what I went there for, I was looking for something magical to set my mind at peace and have an absolutely enjoyable day. This trail was it. 
(Cuss yea, was about to escape my mouth). 

The trails was about 8 feet across, completely snow covered and slowly weaved itself down the mountain. It was untouched by anyone. A lot of game tracks, followed by my girls prints and my own. It was so much fun cruising down the mountain and the powder, and it was just cussing awesome!!! My girls looked awesome, the lighting, the snow, the trail, everything was awesome and to end 2013 this way was incendiary ("hey man, I want to be incendiary too!") 
I'm not into resolutions or the idea that a year switching over changes anything in me or I need to modify something in my life bc the year is changing. Everyday I'm looking towards setting and achieving goals but to "start" this next phase healthy is 12 inches of rock hard awesomeness that I'm going to club and cuss things up!!!

Year in Review: I've been cut from the quarry of the gods, chiseled in the halls of my own, my heart harvested from the irons of the Earth and forged in the fires of the beginnings of time. I got a big mouth, bigger goals and even larger balls, which all will be feared and validated in the months to come! 
Cuss yea! Tip your waitress!!!

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