Monday, June 10, 2013


It's been two full weeks since the marathon and there be some transgressions on the going ons.
This unlawful act has been how fast I'm feeling like I'll recover. I figured there would be some down time and also figured on running every other day the first week then settle in to being awesome and ravaging some miles like Haiti.
The first week was lazy, still had some tender areas, but could tell I was going to recover faster than any other race of that distance.
Teamed up with some lifers during the week. Najem and Thomas "Whats in my Paquette," "PacMan" Paquette made the start time. Definitely feels great to run with the bros. Made some trips around the area and hit some miles with Greg and cussing Fyffe!!! Hell yea. It is great to have Fyffe back on it.
This past week led me to the conclusion that I was going to spread my dominance back to the mountain scene with a showing in my backyard at Ascutney. It's a 3.7 miler and I haven't been back since I won the whole series (along with the New England Mtn race) in 2004. There's a reason I haven't been back and that's bc it cussing a tough race. But... Ain't nothing tougher than me, so it'll go well. On a serious note, the race will hopefully be a great sign or great training run for upcoming Washington Road Race.

Monday - Slapped 10 miles out on the rail bed with Greg, Fyffe and Najem. The flat terrain was great and made a slow recovery day an awesome fun run with bros.

Tuesday - Headed south to Pisgah for a run with Greg, George Adams, Najem and Fyffe. We hustled 10 on the trails in crisp great weather. Physically didn't feel great but I was mentally starting to sharpen up.

Thursday - Najem met at my place and we hustled down to Putney and met Fyffe for a run on the Pinnacle trails. Fyffe is back on it and it is awesome. It was a great run, solid 9.

Friday - in miserable rainy weather I Voltroned with Greg in Putney for a 9 miler. This weather is the type that stabs at motivation, but I'm always ready to endure and hustled a solid run with a lifer.

Saturday - I'm getting the fever, for not only more cowbell, but miles and miles and miles. Day before a race is usually a chill day, but I don't give a cuss so I decided to roll out a 8 and 5 double.
I ventured to Ledge Rd for a very hilly and very slow 8 on the Lost Trail. Brought the girls and it was great.
Later in the day, Eric MacKnight was making the trek to challenge Ascutney the next day. We zipped out to Grafton Ponds for a zig zag 5 miler on the single tracks. 13 on the day is a great step in the right direction.
Tomorrow will def be a tough race with a lot of competition. My plan: lock into a solid cadence and run my own race and hopefully that will put me in a good position to mix it up. I'll never count myself out and I'll never bet against me, I expect epic outcomes and I'll be tough.

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