Saturday, May 17, 2014

Band of Misfits

Goodness gracious... As if the training couldn't have crumpled anymore, it seems to have. The training has been piecemeal and the realization that 26 miles (I'm not worried about the cussing .2) is a week away is starting to play with my brainwaves. I thought I'd be going into the marathon feeling godly, instead I'm feeling a shade under superhuman. 
To mock a friend, I'm not scared of the distance, ha, yet a bit unsure of the pace. In the beginning of March I rolled through the marathon of the 50k in 2:34, with hopes to get to this point looking at running 2:25-2:27, but in realization, WHO THE CUSS KNOWS!!! I have no idea what to expect which is both nerve racking and relaxing. It seems I need to rely on the good old "wing it, fly by the seat of my pants" like I do for the majority of races. As I wrote this, I'm feeling ok about it (I cussing have to be). 
I'm over road racing and most road races. I don't like training on the road. Here and there it's fun but living on the road cusses. The trails are where I want to be and really love the freedom nature brings. I don't translate to the roads the way I do to the mountains and trails. Races where I can change gears constantly and mix up the pace and efforts are where I feel the best and see the best results. Training with my girls out in the woods is the best!!! 
The last two weeks that followed Sleepy Hollow have been packed with 6 total track meets (4 with my team and I helped clerk 2 at for the HS) and I've lost some quality running days and will have a three week taper. Ha. My eyes are set past this race and I'll need to vision quest to walk with the gods I'm often associated with. 
I'll run smart and have a decent result, but not the results I'd like of mixing it up closer to the front. The race itself is a ton of fun (until the neighborhoods, but no one remembers that when they are asked to run again and again). 
Time to hit the quarry of the gods and seek my maker for some encouragement throughout the race. 

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