Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Tribe On A Quest

These weeks of training have brought upon me many thoughts. I've concluded to right what is wrong, restore faith that has long been lost, and to rise to great heights, even beyond my own legend of an epic cocksmith, master wilder dude, and stunningly handsome king of light in these dark ages of winter. True trials await and I will greet these with the hammer of my fist, my blades of mental and physical prowess, and as the fog of bacteria clears I will follow the voice that guides me of my love, my heart and my gods of my being to conquer and devour all souls in my path. Cuss is about to get real... Real real.
This week had gone great. The conditions were stellar and the "feel" is back. I'm feeling again and it feel good.

Tuesday - the 3 hour run was a huge success and I took Monday to rest. It would have been insanely stressful to try and run Monday so I relaxed on relaxing. Today, however, I banged out the white dot trail and finished down the switchbacks. For all you finger painters wondering if I run other runs: yea, I do, but this run is cussing sweet! So cuss it!

Wednesday - Voltroned with the best rapper in the Tribe, Fyffe and we hit the Pinnacle Trails in Westminster West. Fyffe is making a re-debut, hell yea! We had an awesome view of the ski mountains and ended right before it got too dark to see.

Thursday - Shagged the White Dot trail but hustled the sap lines as well. I started the run figuring on 9 but felt so good and sporting a headlamp optioned for the Sap Lines trail, which makes the run 12-14. I made it 12 by connecting to the White Dot and locking down the switchbacks in epic wild conditions: crystal clear and star strewn...

Friday - Completley decided on traveling to Pittsfield MA for the Curly's snow shoe race. This is supposed to be a hard 5 miler in the Berkshire's with switchbacks comparable to my own. So in preparation, I ran my switchbacks (without snow shoes)

Saturday - easy villian 5 (chillin'). Prerace shuffle to loosen up. Legs don't feel great but there is another feeling, one that I'm sensing that is a great sign for tomorrow. I think I'm going to feel cussing great!

Sunday - Curly's Snow Shoe Race, 5 miler in Pittsfield MA.
Holy long ride! Cuss, it took forever, but it was an awesome ride for views and country sides, so at least it was a pleasant ride. I got to the race site with plenty of time. I've been training without snow shoes all week bc the snow is packed and perfect for trail shoes. The whole ride down there was zero snow, so I wondered, "will this be a trail race?" Cuss, I hoped so, but once I rolled into the park, I realized there was plenty of snow.
There was a good group of dudes there. Some I've raced before this year and a couple of new faces. On the start line they were explaining the course and said it was well marked, that was also te time I stopped listening to the course description, I already knew it was going to be tough, I didn't want to hear it again.
The race started and as soon as I go into my flow, I knew I was going to have a great day, which meant someone was going to have to have an unreal day.
I was locked in and feeling good when idealized I hadn't seen any markers? CUSS!!! I went the wrong way, and a good deal the wrong way. This sucked bc the top four other guys followed me. This was also good, bc they were my main race.
Dunham, the vet, assured us that there was a lot of race left and not to panic. Not being rude to DD (he was completely right and I listened) but cuss, I felt too good to give it away. I took us off trail at the bottom of a very long switchback climb. So, I sped to the front of the lost group and started to power my way through the field. I must have passed 90+ people before getting to the top and seeing the bizarro-leaders. I was getting very tired, and was putting a lot of stock I to finishing on a long down hill. I just needed to get there.
Once I locked in on them, I caught them very fast, and also found out very fast that they went the wrong cussing way!!! So again, (marked really well huh? Not at race speeds), instead of following the trail back I cut through the woods to the front again and kept pushing. Dave Dunham was in the lead at this point and instead of passing him when I caught him I just tried to hang with him for a bit. I was very fatigued from the the climb and going the wrong way. I had to regroup before I pushed again.
This race plan was the same as last weeks, push and make it uncomfortable. DD could sense that I was re-revving and let me pull for a bit. At this point we had climbed the last incline, the rest if the race was downhill. I tried with everything I had again to pull away as far as I could in the single track before the wide road trail to the finish. I didn't open up a big lead at all on the single track, but once we hit the road I committed myself to all I had.
I really wanted this, I really needed this and I really went for it. My gps logged my last mile as 4:57, and then the last .5 at 5:16 pace. The road was at packed as a real road and the downhill grade was perfect to run in control and fast, which is what I tried to do.
Getting lost twice was taxing, and we ended up running minutes longer than we would have. I finished in 43:06 and felt great with how my day went. DD was right behind me. I went through some pics (included) and you'll notice that DD looks calm, while I look like I'm leaving the farmers daughter. I wish I knew there was a camera man there, I wouldn't have lost my composure like Frank Ricard.

Deny Your Maker

This was a tough week and it was for no apparent reason. Leaves me shaking my head, but was also able to do some great work. I definitely wanted a day off, but ended up taking two, but it led to a gnarly Sunday run, so, cuss works out.

Monday - after yesterday's long run I felt surprisingly good! The weather was cussy so I opted to take a stroll into Grafton and run the dirt roads. Grafton has an awesome dirt road loop that can be 8 or 12. I figured on 8 with waning daylight and having brought the girls. I was hoping for no traffic and like a mind reader I was able to see the future: not one car. I then foresaw free spirited, tight bodied and amazingly breasted women with NLT's, rock hard cushions, with no inhibitions or shame falling from the sky in desperate need of Ferencness: my ability to see the future ceased to exist... But what the cuss, it was worth a try.
The run was awesome and relaxing. It finishes down a long winding road that leads into the finish, which was great to finish the last 12 min downhill.

Wednesday - I've been very happy running the White Dot trail behind the house and insanely enjoy the switchbacks. The off balance running of the hardened snow is paying off and I feel adapted and used to it. It helps being a phenomenal athlete with balance like a jungle cat and the agility of mythical creatures... No big deal. I had to flip the switch of the headlamp and ended feeling very relaxed after a job stressed day. Very cool way to end a day.

Friday - I was gearing up for the Hoot Toot and Whistle snow shoe race in Readboro VT on Saturday so I only hustled 4 miles on some dirt roads. I am envisioning my fitness returning, and really want instant results. But that wouldn't be fun... Haha (not funny, it sucked huge bean bags missing time). I thought a little rest of a day but still running was going to pay dividends. As always, I was right!

Saturday - Hoot Toot and Whistle Snow shoe race in Readboro VT. The last time I came over I left with a W and was in killer shape. This time I'm like a barbarian: I have the tools and weapons but they are blunt and dull. The only thing I can do is muscle and pound away until the competition's will gross tired and hope it is enough to get me to the finish line. Every thing I do now is for the greater good of races in May, so I'm going to push the redline until I crack. So no matter what, its going to be a great effort day and huge step in the fitness. I'm done trying, a former mentor once told me that there isn't a try, only a do. Thanks Yoda.
The race course was a point to point with a lot of single track. I made the ride with Greg and his beautiful wife, Jen. This would be Jen's first snow shoe race and it is a great one to be the first. I was thinking of a plan that would benefit my racing fitness and here it was: get to the single track first and dictate the pace but blast all systems as long as you can. Simple plan.
Greg is world record 35-40 4x800 shape right now and I wasn't concerned with him or anyone else, just concerned with the execution of my race plan and if I would make it to the finish line still running.
They said "go," and I unleashed hell on myself (and I imagine everyone else) to start the race. I was first to the single track and kept on pushing. It was only a matter of time before Greg's world record fitness passed me, but I was going to work as hard as I could. Greg and I gapped the field and I was all systems, and I was making it hurt.
Greg eventually passed me and pulled away by about 10-15 seconds. We settled into an honest pace, but Greg seemed to be effortless. It was just enough to be a great motivator for me to keep digging. as it turned out there wasn't a lot of race left, which I was thankful for, and we went 1, 2 in a great paced race. The terrain was tough footing but awesome. Great day. Jen had a blast and had a great day as well.
I needed a few moments after the race to regroup my composure, but recovered and felt awesome.
The best thing was I by the end of the day, the headache I had for almost two weeks was gone! Cuss yea!!!!

Sunday - Waking up without a headache was as if God confirmed I was the second coming or finding out my true hero status as the last hope.
I Voltroned with Greg at his place to get epic and run a 3 hour trail run that would circumnavigate Pisgah State Park. We were to hit every major climb but one. Cuss yea! The weather was epic and cooperative, so my people on Mt. Olympus got my memo.
Greg, myself and the girls began by running to a side of the park I hadn't been to. We climbed to a great eastern looking vista to see Monadnock off in the distance. This is where the true adventure started bc Greg hadn't run this loop in a few years. We had to cross a couple beaver ponds which was exciting, always a good way to see if you weigh too much and kept in rolling.
It was great to hit places in the park I hadn't been to before. Especially when those places did bring me to recognizable trails and junctions. My only requests were for 3 hours and included the switchback climb that is in the 50k race, which we hit very far into the run.
The weather was unreal. I carried a pack with water and ended up stashing my long sleeve in it. I had great warm gloves and was able to haul around in a t-shirt. Great day, and a Ron Jeremy huge day! My ability to run is is gaining and sharpening is in the near future. Very cool, very pumped, very grateful, and very awesome.
You're welcome!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Jan 7 - Jan 13

Getting back into goes different ways for different things, or it has for me. Getting back into shape a few years ago for the first 50k I did was laid back and carefree. I've been in decent shape ever since and was in destruction shape this summer. Had I been in that shape for VT City, it would have been a totally different race, four people would have had different finishing positions. This last statement is a perfect example of what great running does for me, gives me the clarity of confidence.
This time around, of getting in shape, I feel a cuss of a lot different about it. It wasn't my choice to shut down the engines, it was an outside organism wreaking havoc and stopping me. This is mind blowing, and really has fueled my fire but in a different way than I could have guessed. Instead of being pissed at the world and getting angry, like Kevin Bacon, and dancing away my frustrations; or showing a domination of masculinity, like Tom Cruise, in an epic (manly?) game of volleyball, the natural fit (not sheepskin) was to appreciate what was and celebrate it being being in it: OUTSIDE IN THE WOODS!
Recharging the engine is fun, extremely challenging, but thankful and grateful to be able to do it again. And that "it" is just running in the trails with my girls and my mother cussing DAWGZ.
I've come to the realization that this go around is going to be epically harder than ever and I'll need to work harder than ever. In college, Miller, Bridgewater and myself had a go to phrase, "what ever it takes." No matter what Pete Thomas said, we never questioned, we said yes, and did work. (I understand that a non-working high profile runner uses the same mantra, but ours was state blue collar bad ass; doing workouts on side streets with no track and no indoor or outdoor facilities. It's easy to do "whatever it takes" when every running commodity is at your fingertips).
So, I truly understand, "whatever it takes," real running in the real atmosphere and being outside in nature and the universe (if your mind is blown, you're welcome).

Monday - Voltroned with Greg and the snow shoes and became a snow shoe bionic machine and got after an awesome 9 mile run on the White Dot behind the house. It finished down the switchbacks, which is always awesome, in the dark. Felt good after yesterday's race, surprisingly good. The conditions were great tips were glided on every down hill.
Tuesday - Same run, except I reversed the route and went up the switchbacks to start. This is insanely hard to start, and I never realized how much fun it is to come down the backside of the White Dot trail. I also didn't realize how much long the gradual uphill is that leads to the switchbacks. I felt like I ran down hill for the whole run back.
Wednesday - In the winter time on the hill behind my house a lot of trails seem to show themselves. I decided to rough a trail and try to create a loop. This was unreal difficult and the percent grade was easily 18-22%, the hill looked straight up. The path I tried to follow was an old logging cut. This is from way back and as I found out, there are a lot of these cuts up the side of the hill. Originally they all spiraled to different perpendicular cuts, but I had to adapt this trail. There was some newer growth and I had to make some adjustments. I wanted to make a trail that was primarily straight without any switchbacks, I was successful, and exhausted in all the untouched snow. Great workout and amazing fun. Ended down the fabled switchbacks.
Thursday - I was feeling good and felt like it was time to test the fitness in familiar territories, mile repeats back and forth on the marathon course in Grafton.
I set my sights as realistic as I can be (bc there is nothing that I can't do), and settle for 3 by mile with 3min jog off rest in between. I would go back and forth to keep the miles consistent.
Surprisingly, I felt good on the warm up. I was telling myself to stay smart and within myself and not get discouraged. I was going to try and hit 5:30 or under. The stride felt good to open up and strong, but definitely not peppy or quick. I opened up with a 5:09 on way less effort than I thought. This got me wondering, "those blue bombers I ordered from some health lab in the Bay Area are really paying off..." yea right, but something was at work and sure is cuss wasn't my double dose of doxycycline. Haha.
I jogged off the three minutes, recovered my breathing and told myself, "donut again." I got a little excited as I envisioned myself in the VT City marathon on the bike path destroying the group I was in. This one stretch of plays tricks bc you can see the finish of the mile and it's exciting. So... I rolled a 4:52, whoops, but whatever, I'm over it and I felt great. (I also won the race in my head that led to the 4:52, always a bonus).
This did, however, take some jungle juice out of me and the 3 min rest went by quicker than I would have liked. I focused myself a third time and thought to myself to relax and roll. This third mile was with effort over the last 400m, I really thought I was going to effortlessly get to the end, but with a quarter to go had to really focus myself to my form and breathing, and still ended with a 5:10. Very happy, very excited, be very afraid...
Friday - My running plans fell apart and I was left happy with a rest day and amped to roll out a large weekend.
Saturday - United with Fyffe and Greg at Greg's house. Hit the trails of Pisgah, which were runnable, but tough. Had a great run and great time.
Sunday - The weather was in our favor, the gods saw their own and delivered great conditions in the woods. Greg came out to the shed and we brought with him and awesome idea: Athens Lookout. I've been thinking about this run for almost two weeks and dying to get out there. It was not a SS day, and totally a trail shoe day. I opted for the Raptor which was a tremendous decision. That is what the show is for (and heel round house kicking people in the face).
This run was epic. The weather was warm and the fog was fantasy-esque. It was like running in a snow scene from the Hobbit, cussing gnarly. I almost forgot what I was doing due to being beyond grateful to be outside to experience this awesomeness. Very satisfying and very epic.
The ridge was in complete fog but was insanely bright. The Knife's Edge was awesome, I could have run back and forth on that minute of trail all day, very cool.

Week Total: 63 in over 8 hours (1 day off)

Thursday, January 10, 2013


December 31 - January 6

Monday - Fyffe run in Putney. I really wanted to hit this one particular road in proximity to Fyffe's house that brings you down a dirt road and on both sides are amazing fields. In the winter these fields are picturesque and the road builds huge snow drifts, cussing awesome. The only way Fyffe could make this run happen without going too far (we wanted 10 or under) war to run up some big cussers. I wanted today to be a chill paced run, but dear cuss, it was a climbathon. We did get to run down the road I wanted...

Tuesday - I've been feeling physically better and better all the time and felt close to getting my training levels back to normality. Normality is huge runs, some speed and the great outdoors of the woods.
Tuesday brought epically beautiful weather and the longer I could be outside in it the better. I opted to investigate the Grafton Power Lines 14 mile loop on the snow shoes. I walked part of the trails the day effort and they were magnificently groomed and ready for some rolling (or as much as one can roll with SS). I thought I might be out there a while (like everything I think: I was right) so I brought a camel back with aqua, some chewy powerbar deliciousness and a powerbar (the snickers wannabe kind).
The day couldn't have been better, I wish it was the scene from Groundhog Day and it could be amazing weather Tuesday every time I woke up (for a while). There is a long climb to get to the power lines, then there are some unreal climbs on the power lines, and then, you cut back into the woods and there is one of the tougher climbs I do (referred and known as Satan's Smile bc it looks like a cussing V, but also known as Satan's Taint, Satan's Grundle, Satan's Cuss Stick). it's one tough climb, without SS on...
I was out there a while but and it felt like a marathon effort but it was awesome... The headaches that returned, not awesome. Might have been a little eager...

Wednesday - SS run on the White Dot trails behind my house. Unbelievable conditions, absolutely ideal. Definitely glided a lot of tips as I descended... Finishing down the switchbacks at night is gnarly and a blast.

Thursday - I made the trip to Mark Miller's house for a night snow shoe run with Greg, Najem and Mark. I haven't run with Mark in a while and was excited to be getting after it at night.
I had to swing through Keene and grab some things (trying for teacher of the year) and while in Target (I had to get miniature zombies for a simple machines unit the kids did. The kids built simple machines that shoot a marshmallow. The students premise is that they must save humanity from a zombie apocalypse... Kill'em all and let god sort'em out type of class. Cuss yea! The original idea calls for popcorn, but that sounded lame. After doing the project, there's a reason people use popcorn, the marshmallows traveled at speeds too fast to see! When kids got hit in the face it sounded like balloons popping: teacher of the year). So, while at Target I realized I was starving, so I grabbed a lunch-able (bc I'm an adult) and a pizza from the PizzaHut. There must be cocaine or heroin in the pizza bc cussing cuss it was cussing delicious.
Finally at Miller's, we embark on a wussy speed session. Wussy bc the we were running a slow pace, speed session bc we were at 4min mile efforts at times. I attribute it to Miller being excited we were there to run (he led the run, I had no cussing idea where we were even though we were on the same trail more than once, it all looked the same to me) not bc some people think he is fit... If he's fit, than so is Rex Ryan. But in all honesty (Miller is not fit and I'm over it) the run was of great speed for snow shoe standards and we ran 5+ min faster than the previous run on the same trails. The run was great. I must have looked like an idiot (or more so) bc I was so happy and excited to be out there doing I was smiling like a fool the whole time. It was great to crush a run with the guys and get light work done! Cuss yea!

Friday - long day at school and a weeks of 5 hours of SS running and a pending race this weekend allowed for a day of rest, and it was good.

Saturday - I hit Leach Rd across the street and headed out the dirt road to the apple orchard. I wanted to get some strides in and since I'm racing tomorrow, it was great to feel the stride. Not great is the lingering headache I got from this week, cuss balls.
Took it easy and clipped off 4 miles.

Sunday - Prospect Mtn SS Race (in place is "I Love Woodford"). Tim Van Orden and Bob Dion locked it down and up and held an amazing event on last day notice. Even if it wasn't last day notice, you'd never know, the race was flawless, except for my racing...
It was a short 3 mile course (maybe even 2.4/2.5?) and was very tough terrain. The snow was heavy and not traveled on, which is what the conditions should be.
The race started downhill then hit a single track. I am pretty sure, but not that sure, where my fitness is. I still thought I was going to run well and maybe even steal a W, if things work out.
Knowing the single track was there I had the plan of getting to the front and keeping the pace as comfortably slow as I could to try and keep any front runners close with maybe an attempt to steal a W. Unfortunately, the single track was 15 seconds long, hahaha, I thought it was at least a quarter mile. Haha.
With that plan out the window and suspect fitness levels (especially coming off of a solid week) I went for plan B (which is usually plan A) wing it. Dave Dunham made a move on the hill and I had no ability to climb today, the effort was there, but the results weren't... I ended up falling way back and fighting like a cusser to stay in view of second and battles some dudes for a bit before outdistancing myself for a permanent third place finish. My body felt great, just didn't have the extra gears that comes with fitness. I tried as hard as I could and was pumped I have felt as good as I did.
No headache the whole race, but it came immediately after, which brings me to my final conclusion: I just got to get running two hours+ a day and shake the headache by shear force of will. (or I'm going to consult my doctor).

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Holiday Hustling

December 24 - December 30

Monday - With the weather on the verge of bringing snow to cover the ground until spring, I felt it important to be on the trails as many days as I could before switching to snow shoes.
Today I hit up Ledge Rd and the Lost Trail, which is the upper Grafton Trails connector. Great loop, it did have patches of snow coving the ground, but made for very cool scenery. It was reminiscent of Neverland in the film Hook, one second there is total clear trail and the next knee deep snow. Very cool, very thankful to be able to experience it.
Tuesday - Happy BDay to the J-Man and to all his followers. I'm more of a Winter Solstice celebrator, but it's always nice to give gifts and be with family. Took the day to reflect all things great...
Wednesday - I hit up the Athens Lookout an was greeted with a lot more snow than I expected on the trails. Made great time to the Lookout under the circumstances and had an awesome run. Body and brain felt good and just being outside is amazingly liberating of all stressors. Winter break is great to get after some miles and relax while doing it.
Thursday - Voltroned with Greg and Fyffe in Putney for a very snowy 10 miler. Had some very adult convo about firearms, schools, and other ideas more serious than not. Made the run go by faster than expected. Serious issues are important but man, it's way more fun to dick around...
Friday - snow is here to stay. First run of the year on snow shoes. Was feeling the accumulation of the following week so decided to run up the switchback hill and glide some tips as I descended through a new trail that only pops up when the snow covers the pricier bushes. Great fun through snow an flying down the hill.
Saturday - Goosh! Got covered with about 4 inches of fresh powder. All the trees are picturesque, with their snow caps. I ventured to run the 9 mile loop finishing down the switchbacks. This was a great idea but holy cuss, it was cussin tough. I was out there a long time... It was rad though. Finished with the headlamp glowing and feeling great. A lot of fun to be out there in the dark in the winter. Felt epic and also felt some fitness might be coming back.
Sunday - went to Pisgah for a snow shoe run. George Adams and Mark Miller honed Greg and I, along with the girls, for a solid hour of high heart rate rolling.
Miller is not as fit as people should believe and def not fit enough to be on any radars. So, take him of the radar. Lacking fitness did drive our run to be quite a lot of effort. Miller must have been compensating for such lack of fitness that he was bouncing at the front the whole time. Haha. I love it though, bc I finally have a few days in a row I feel good. The up-tempo pace was a great workout for me and I def needed it and I def loved the feel of being back. Not "back" back, but more of just a shell of my former.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Sunday 2 hours 23 min

I've been feeling much better and have been feeling incredibly anxious to run. Not entirely sure if it's to run, as much as it is to just be outside and celebrate being alive and moving in the woods. And the best way for me to do that is by running.
Boj and Goupil were on board for a long, slow trail run out at my place. The route was to be an 18 miler mostly on hilly single track trails. This was really (really) the best idea I had to see where my health was. If I could make it through without much of a headache I felt that I would be golden to really start to run. Once I get a lot of quality running for a while I'll focus up and start training. My goals are big and so is my mouth and I said some things I want to do and I don't feel my health will alter those plans now.
La Sportiva, Vertical K's, were the shoe of choice which were awesome. We did have to divert the original route bc we had some fatigue issues (the neighbors dog came with us, Whistle, and needed to go back the easiest way possible), and we went back down a mile long hill back the way we came, to make a lollipop style run.
The run was everything it was supposed to be and more. It was awesome weather, awesome trails, awesome dudes and a huge John Holmes sized confidence boost to where I felt I was at physically. I had a slight headache but I wasn't anything. I must have looked liked a dope bc I was smiling and living life the whole time.
During the run I remembered it being great bc we had continual conversations. As of right now I have no clue what we talked about or what I was listening too, but still recognize that it was a great run. In hind site, I probably should have done a moderate 12 miler, but cuss that weak cuss cuss, I went big.
It was a "winning" day of awesomeness. I was alive and outside, what could be better? All in all, the run was 2:23... Great cussing day, and the start to all things forward.

Come As You Are

Monday - Had Sone fatigue in the legs but I'm convinced that it is from the Vertical K's minimal drop. Once I get used to their ride, I'll be fine. Daylight is becoming a bit of an issue, but of you got a problem, Yo, I'll solve it... So I grabbed a headlamp.
I decided to drive to Athens and run the "Knife's Edge again." that is the best part of the Athens Lookout run and wanted to do it again. By the time I got to the trail head, it was 4:10 and starting to get dark and foggy. The climb out of this kiosk is righteous, very tough. I took my time and rolled up to the "Knife's Edge" and got there just in time to see the sun duck behind Stratton Mtn.
I had my mind set to only run 5, the day after a bigger run, but wanted the run to be quality. So, I made it quality climbing. Had to switch the headlamp on the last 15 min. I have glow in the dark orange collars for the girls, and it was awesome to see them whipping around the black trail as orange lights.

Tuesday - Feeling good. The legs don't have anything left over from the shoes or their minimal drop, and the ride in them is just pure awesomeness. They are super light and super comfortable. I wanted another run with some hills, so I drive out to Ledge Rd to run the Dome Loop into Grafton Ponds. This is an awesome run.
The people at GP manicured a once forgotten trail, and made a great loop for me. Ive done this run from the house and it is about 17-20, but with parking it was only 9. I truly feel that certain humans belong outside in nature and you don't really live a life to its fullest without being out in all things natural.
Wednesday - I ran from my house to the Dome Loop in Athens to Creature Rock. This has two gnarly climbs and one I had to do in the light of a headlamp on a section that is dark at noon in the summer time. It was very cool though. Nature never did betray the heart that loved her (Wordsworth), and running in the dark is feeling great. It's almost like I'm free and doing something in not supposed to be, which makes it was more fun.
Thursday - I decided to have today to be another 5 mile day, mostly bc I need new batteries in my headlamps. So I only had about 45 minutes to get cuss done. I chose to run up the switchbacks and out as far as I could in 25 minutes, thinking it would only take me 20 to get back down before it got too dark to see.
I haven't been up the switchbacks in a while so it was great to do that. It was like seeing an old friend. An old friend that has a wicked hot older sister, and doesn't like it when you talk about her (the hill), so you have to bring her up, and he gets mad (steep incline) and you don't talk for a bit (recovery climb), and then she is waiting for you in a tiny bikini to show off her NLT's (she is rockin and also a member of the IBTC) and her new ink, which is in an uncomfortable place for her brother to see, but you love the location, even though you have no idea/give a cuss what it is (top of the hill).
Great run!