Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Sunday 2 hours 23 min

I've been feeling much better and have been feeling incredibly anxious to run. Not entirely sure if it's to run, as much as it is to just be outside and celebrate being alive and moving in the woods. And the best way for me to do that is by running.
Boj and Goupil were on board for a long, slow trail run out at my place. The route was to be an 18 miler mostly on hilly single track trails. This was really (really) the best idea I had to see where my health was. If I could make it through without much of a headache I felt that I would be golden to really start to run. Once I get a lot of quality running for a while I'll focus up and start training. My goals are big and so is my mouth and I said some things I want to do and I don't feel my health will alter those plans now.
La Sportiva, Vertical K's, were the shoe of choice which were awesome. We did have to divert the original route bc we had some fatigue issues (the neighbors dog came with us, Whistle, and needed to go back the easiest way possible), and we went back down a mile long hill back the way we came, to make a lollipop style run.
The run was everything it was supposed to be and more. It was awesome weather, awesome trails, awesome dudes and a huge John Holmes sized confidence boost to where I felt I was at physically. I had a slight headache but I wasn't anything. I must have looked liked a dope bc I was smiling and living life the whole time.
During the run I remembered it being great bc we had continual conversations. As of right now I have no clue what we talked about or what I was listening too, but still recognize that it was a great run. In hind site, I probably should have done a moderate 12 miler, but cuss that weak cuss cuss, I went big.
It was a "winning" day of awesomeness. I was alive and outside, what could be better? All in all, the run was 2:23... Great cussing day, and the start to all things forward.

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