Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Come As You Are

Monday - Had Sone fatigue in the legs but I'm convinced that it is from the Vertical K's minimal drop. Once I get used to their ride, I'll be fine. Daylight is becoming a bit of an issue, but of you got a problem, Yo, I'll solve it... So I grabbed a headlamp.
I decided to drive to Athens and run the "Knife's Edge again." that is the best part of the Athens Lookout run and wanted to do it again. By the time I got to the trail head, it was 4:10 and starting to get dark and foggy. The climb out of this kiosk is righteous, very tough. I took my time and rolled up to the "Knife's Edge" and got there just in time to see the sun duck behind Stratton Mtn.
I had my mind set to only run 5, the day after a bigger run, but wanted the run to be quality. So, I made it quality climbing. Had to switch the headlamp on the last 15 min. I have glow in the dark orange collars for the girls, and it was awesome to see them whipping around the black trail as orange lights.

Tuesday - Feeling good. The legs don't have anything left over from the shoes or their minimal drop, and the ride in them is just pure awesomeness. They are super light and super comfortable. I wanted another run with some hills, so I drive out to Ledge Rd to run the Dome Loop into Grafton Ponds. This is an awesome run.
The people at GP manicured a once forgotten trail, and made a great loop for me. Ive done this run from the house and it is about 17-20, but with parking it was only 9. I truly feel that certain humans belong outside in nature and you don't really live a life to its fullest without being out in all things natural.
Wednesday - I ran from my house to the Dome Loop in Athens to Creature Rock. This has two gnarly climbs and one I had to do in the light of a headlamp on a section that is dark at noon in the summer time. It was very cool though. Nature never did betray the heart that loved her (Wordsworth), and running in the dark is feeling great. It's almost like I'm free and doing something in not supposed to be, which makes it was more fun.
Thursday - I decided to have today to be another 5 mile day, mostly bc I need new batteries in my headlamps. So I only had about 45 minutes to get cuss done. I chose to run up the switchbacks and out as far as I could in 25 minutes, thinking it would only take me 20 to get back down before it got too dark to see.
I haven't been up the switchbacks in a while so it was great to do that. It was like seeing an old friend. An old friend that has a wicked hot older sister, and doesn't like it when you talk about her (the hill), so you have to bring her up, and he gets mad (steep incline) and you don't talk for a bit (recovery climb), and then she is waiting for you in a tiny bikini to show off her NLT's (she is rockin and also a member of the IBTC) and her new ink, which is in an uncomfortable place for her brother to see, but you love the location, even though you have no idea/give a cuss what it is (top of the hill).
Great run!

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  1. You are hilarious and a twisted genius! I'll never look at the switchback hill the way I used to.