Wednesday, August 14, 2013


This was a week of transitions, from Europe to the States and recovering the body. The main recovery was acclimating back to the time difference. That was the toughest part, I was physically fine but very sleepy at weird points in the day. 
So, when I was tired, I rested and when I was restless, I was moving. 
The week started in Czech Rep. and ended in Saxtons River VT. 

Monday - I fell in love with Praha and wanted to Ron Jeremy this opportunity (deeply balls deep) and take advantage of my surroundings. 
I woke up early Monday and fitted my Ultimate Direction pack with some light scratch ($), a drink and my iPhone to clip some pics of this awesome medieval city. The previous day was a travel day with the the team from Wales which followed a mountain marathon. So... I hustled around Praha for a legit 10 miles. I hit up every section of the old city and nabbed the highest point also. 
The legs responded nicely but were fatigued, but like the wildness that I am, I was fine to hustle around the city. 

Tuesday - after a very long day of traveling I ventured to Keene to be a guest speaker at a XC camp and run a few with the campers. 
It was a perfect recovery day and ran 4 miles at a great recovery pace. Had a slight pinch in my knee but was convinced it was from the way I was sitting on the plane. 
It's around this time that reality starts to set back in and I find myself missing the high I was flying on. Coming down off of a high that high is tough but I had my mind set at getting wildly vicious with the training and get back after it fiercer than ever. Fires hot, lets feed it. 

Wednesday - this week was a transition back to high miles with speed and strength infused into a Ferenc cuss fest of awesome. 
Recovery is important, so Fyffe and I only bagged 5 in Putney. This week really feels like I'm just revving the engine. 

Thursday - ventured to Grafton Ponds for a great 10 miles on the GP trails and then linked up to the Lost Trail. 
Later in the day I brought the girls to Vermont Academy to roll some 200's (8) on the cinder track. The goal was to stride out and run 37-39 secs for each 200. Felt very good on the strides, cuss yea! 

Friday - Voltroned with Greg at the covert culvert in Putney for an hour. This loop is rolling with great stretches to roll. It seems every time Greg and I run here it is raining, which today was. Felt good to roll and run road pace, stride felt good and my mind is hungry. 

Saturday - had a VT getaway weekend planned, so I hustled to Ledge Rd for the Lost Trail 10 miler. Legs are bouncing back and I'm loving the idea of longer racing/races. But, there are some shorter races in the horizon along with the longer distances. 

Total miles for the week: 60 miles, after the week of my goal race and my whole being/body of the summer! Time to get WILD!!!

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