Monday, August 19, 2013


This was an epic week for running, not just with events all over the world, but more importantly: my training. I got swelled this week in my training and it was awesome. 
I've also have come to the conclusion (unfortunate?) that I'm a lot like Clyde Drexler (hang with me). I want to be epic and roll on anyone, anywhere and anytime, but I'm not Michael Jordan. Don't get me wrong, I've got more confidence than a crocodile has orneriness due to all then teeth and no tooth brush, but still not Jordan in some of my adventures. But I think I should be! That's how I'm like Hall of Famer Drexler. Drexler has a great quote: "what can MJ do that I can't do?", I feel the same way... What can someone do that I can't do: nothin'! 
But results wise, I'm more Drexler than Jordan, still cussing epic and a fan favorite, but I'm missing something. An to be cussing honest, not sure what it is yet, but know its something. 
True story: I'm a better  shooter than either of those dudes! 

Monday - Greg and I Voltroned and hustled to the White Mtns to trek a bit above tree line. We opted to roll on the Franconia  Ridge via the Flume Trail (which was a cuss load of climbing) to Mt Flume, then to Mt Liberty to Little Haystack to Mt Lincoln to Mt Lafayette (what the cuss did Lafayette do as a presi to get an epic Mt monument? Cuss, Lincoln killed mother cussing bloodsuckers, Lafayette must have been a huge pig pimp!). 
The run was awesome. We really didn't have a plan but I texted Kevin Tilton and he had some very valuable info on where to go. Direct quote, "do not go down Flume trail!" Thank god I believed him, it was like Huntington Ravine (remember how that worked out, cuss I do!). The upper part of the Flume trail was gnarly and wicked slippery. At one point, as Greg and I 5.13 rock climbing, Greg shakes his head and says, "we should really be running this..." Hahaha!!!

Once we got to the fabled Franconia Ridge it was awesome. We took our time and stopped to check out sites but still got work done. Total miles on the GPS was 16.2, and running time was 3:56, great day. 

Tuesday - I work up feeling good, a little tired, but good enough to roll out 10 miles on the power lines (very hilly). 
Had Rob/White Zombie's, More Human Than Human, stick in my head and that was accurate. I felt more human than invincible, but that wore off fast and I was back to my normal self. 

Wednesday - in the morning I ventured to GP to roll a lazy 6 miles with the girls. Felt good to shake it out and run slow. 
In the afternoon I hustled to Keene to bandit outlaw a Wednesday workout. Teamed up with Greg, Najem and Andy McCarron (great to see he's back), to run 5 x 1000m with 200m rest. They did 6, as I was thinking about racing and pillaging the rest of the week. 
We ran at 5:20 pace for the 1000's and I felt great for each one. It was fun to run with the guys, but def do not like track work, and just don't like being on the track. I know it's important in my global domination scheme so I'll persevere. 

Thursday - Banged out an easy 9 miles in the morning on the GP trails with the girls. The trails are great bc they are not that hilly and it's great to chase a few way miles. 
In the afternoon I met up with one of the Moore boys for a run up Hartley Hill. This was a run to the top for him in his prep for XC season. He'll be tough this year along with his bro and will be a ton of fun to watch and root for! 
This run tagged me for 9 so an 18 mile day was perfect. 

Saturday - Voltroned with Greg in Pisgah to check out the 50k trail race course. I'm leaning towards this race and wanted to see what the course looked like early in the race (I know how the last 10 miles are). Could be a cool race to do, just want to make sure the temple is ready to roll by then. 
We ran the first 21 miles of the course and it was great. I ran with my Ultimate Direction "Hipster" hydration vest (which is really awesome). We seemed to have taken our time and ran honest when the terrain allowed. Great run and felt awesome during it.
Having seen the first part of the course makes me want to do the race. We will see what shape I carve myself into the next few weeks. 

Sunday - I chatted with Heidi Westerling/Over about a 24 mile road run. This sounded fine to me as she just wanted the miles and didn't care about pace, so I was in. We tackled the Marathon Road, but in the town of Grafton we hit a side loop to add on the 4.5 missing miles. This loop brings you right back onto the Marathon Road, and the run was awesome. 
I got a chance to hear a out her recent few races, one being in Costa Rica, and it was fun to run that distance with someone. 
This was an awesome week! 114 miles... I'm recovered and ready to melt faces and devour souls. Cuss yea!!!


  1. I like the Drexler analogy except that he had terrible shooting form. Awesome adventure with Greg. You should definitely do Pisgah 50K!

  2. Pisgah eh? Maybe you and me can meet up, throw our ids into the dusty Mexican pit like two prizecocks and lash each other bloody and wounded over the trails. I'll have to see what the date is. Nice job in Poland, I just read two months of your blog and it got me fired up.