Saturday, April 20, 2013

L'homme Sauvage Wilder Mann Macidula

The primal heart still beats...
This was a tough week (health wise) and a good week of training. Greg and I talked about it the other day, running everyday an training are different. I feel in the verge of being able to train and not trying to sound like a cuss, but it's now or never bc I don't know how much time I have before I get sick.
I'm getting minor head fuzziness and some residual feelings in the health department. Boj said it best, "got to do what you can with the time you got," and if I'm going to get sick or sidelined again, , I'm going to go down in a blaze of fit glory... Haha.

Monday - Najem hustle out and had an awesome idea to do hill repeats on Hartley Hill (tough grueling 2 mile hill). We ran solid efforts on the mountainous part of about a mile section. The climbs are tough and it was great to complete a set of 3 climbs. Even running up the hill, it is wicked tough, so our efforts were great and relaxed.

Tuesday - since I'm on vacation this week I banged out an easy 9 miler in the morning around the abandoned apple orchard off Leach Rd. Felt very good the day after the hill repeats. In the afternoon I Voltroned with Greg in Pisgah for another 12 miles (or more) of fun. This was great bc I felt better on the second run...

Wednesday - I thought about going to Wednesday workout, but I tested my fitness level last week and don't need to do it every week (haha). But... it caught up with me and I feel like dog cuss. I also got told by the specialist Dr that I will need to go back on some meds for 90 days at 4 times a day... CUSS ME! There are worse things... I didn't have a lot in the tank and called the run after only 10 miles, my body was thankful.

Thursday - lethargy continues, and this sucks. I feel heavy, tired and weak. So, I decided to run a gnarly 14 miler out to the Athens Lookout. This run is tough with a lot of climbing and I felt this was the best way to stop feeling like a pansy. It worked to so e extent, I felt gnarly for completing, but def death marched portions. On the scales, I am 12 lbs heavier than this time last year. It is hard to gauge what fitness I'm in without any races, so I am going to find something and try to roll.

Friday - found a race in Brattleboro, 10k, and it will not be easy. Fyffe knows all the roads the course goes on and said it is wicked hilly and we did a course map on map my run and it is rolling up or half then and then rolling down for the second half.
In preparation for this race, I doubled today. The original plan was to double 10 and 5, but only shagged 5 in the morning and then teamed with Fyffe in Putney and rolled 5 with him. Very exciting that Fyffe is gearing back up.

Saturday - combining the last 7 days I have 104 miles, my highest since my summer of devastation. Knowing this 10k was going to be brutally tough and that I was going to kill myself on it was an enjoyable thought.
I ran a 33:03 for a very tough (arguably the hardest 10k I've ever done on the roads) and the most scenic. It was an amazing course that was very comparable to a trail/mountain race only on dirt roads.
There were points where I felt I resumed to training pace on some of the climbs and could only make up so much on the downhills. I was right around where I thought I'd be, which was nice. In 2 weeks and a year ago I raced at Groton 10k and ran a 33:15, and Groton was much easier with competition. Today I was by myself from the word "go" and much tougher, so this is a huge confidence booster.
I don't know how my clothes will fit if my confidence grows to be so fat!

Sunday should be a longer run with some lifers...

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