Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Deathly Hallows

Oh man... The last three weeks have been eventful, some for good and others for not, but def eventful. A solid three ago I was starting to settle into a good rhythm of running, but then my quad exploded on the marathon road with Najem. This was tough bc I lost somedays and the start up week that followed was bruised with feeling like a lard cuss of cuss cuss. It was a total cluster cuss.
So my last weeks were looking like: 81, 85, 82, 87, hog cuss, cuss discharge, and then last week ended up back at 80.
Last week was an awesome week of rolling. I had some epic fun runs. 80 miles with two days off is great.
I was feeling some fitness flowing in me so I wanted to test my fitness, so I hit the Keene to see where it was at.
The workout was 10 x Drummer Hill which runs like a 400m in time and is a great hill for repeats. The workout was light work as I was feeling fine. My health is the only hole, some days I feel great and other days I feel like cuss. But today's workout was a nice feeling. The times weren't anything outstanding, but the effort at which I was climbing was minimal and felt good and relaxed.
I then ended the week in Pisgah with a 3:18 hour run. Once again, I felt great the whole time and it was a solid bro day with Greg and the we Voltroned with Fyffe in Putney for a BBQ. Awesome week.
I got to get my cuss together if I want to compete in races and just finish them. The Burlington marathon might be a pain fest, but who better to take on pain then the King of Pain himself, ME!!!

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