Saturday, November 8, 2014

Dia a Uno

I've made it to Manizales Colombia safely. It was a long day of travel but was an awesome last leg as we flew over the volcano I'd be running on and Nevados Ruíz. 
The runway was wicked short and we were coming in with some serious speed. 
Once on the ground I met with a few of the hosts. 
The young girl over my left shoulder spoke amazing English just like a stateside girl and as it turned out was brought along to be the translator. Ha. 
After some high confusion of where is be staying (originally we were in a 5 star hotel, but... Cuss happens) I settled into the new digs. 
This is all expenses paid trip, all flights, meals and anything else. The new digs however didn't have a kitchen open and I was a bit taken back bc I was hungry. My Spanish is rusty but is doing the job, so the hosts took me to find some food. 
Friday will be a day up and out on the mountain, which I'm very excited for. And as it turns out, I'm highly unprepared as far as clothes go, it's friggin' freezing here! Ha. I also found that I would be racing on Sunday and will be starting at 4am (5 am US time) and will need to have a headlamp for the first 1-1.5 hours of the race... Very excited and this is all very exciting. I'm still shaking my head as this feels very bizarre...
Not the country mountainous view I was hoping for, but the people are awesome and I'm completely appreciative for this opportunity and all the hospitality. 
Mountain time, then Shakira time :) 

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