Monday, June 30, 2014

Dynamics of Old New France

Here's a little side note entry. I didn't realize to the full capacity if the Canadian dynamics of the people here. All of Quebec speaks french, a scattering of English here and there, but lightly sprinkled. The eastern most provinces of Canada seem to have a distaste for Quebec aka, the French... Ok, starting to catch the vibe up here a little. 
I befriended a few folks from Nova Scotia, very cool people, and they seem to be happy that I'm here bc I represent a possibility to beat the French. The French on the other hand are deeply passionate about beating the American, me (so it seems). The eastern provinces, or as they call themselves, Real Canada (which excludes Quebec) are English speaking and don't care who really wins as long as it's not the French. It's fairly basic, English language vs French language, I dig it as long as it's a competition! Ha. 
At the race brief meeting they covered all the logistics and other "must knows," for the race on Sunday. Only problem: solely in French. The race director, and awesome dude, Matt Nelson gave me the scoop (and I quote directly and accurately, minus the real F word): "Ferenc (in a southern drawl), all you need to know is, don't F with the moose, don't F with the caribou and don't F with bear. And just run fast! Of any of those things present themselves, just stand your ground..."
The French meeting was 45 min, Matt's talk was 45 seconds. How hard can it be really? Run fast, avoid things to stop running fast... Easy. 
I've set up a home base 5k outside of the race site where I'm allowed to have the girls out and have a culvert locked down. I do my best, "None shall pass!!!" When cars come and I also mix in a little Monty Python: Black Knight, needless to say , this bridge is secure. I've also been trolling underneath it during the heat of 91 degrees and have a decent little camp. 
I got the camping may down and the sleeping bag. The water has to be a tick above freezing and in the culvert must be a cool 60-65 degrees. 


  1. Les français doivent être écrasés!

  2. Taking the covert culvert to a whole new level!

  3. Hey Josh!

    Nice to meet you (and your illegal dogs) and good job with your cussing good writing! Make sure you put NS on your race schedule in October 2015 for an ~18 mile Skyrace with 7200' of vert! No, not up and down combined -- 7200' up and 7200' down!

    Check out the video here:

    Take care!
    Jodi and Karine