Sunday, October 14, 2012

Pinnacle Challenge

What a cuss show! One, I was/am righteously fired up; an two, cycling is borderline elitist and I can't stand that honsey ponsey hog cuss. Lance is full of donkey cuss, IT'S ALL ABOUT THE BIKE!!! Hahaha
Here are my comparisons:
1. I would have had a better shot at riding a donkey in the Kentucky Derby.
2. My truck and me at Daytona.
3. Rocket race to the moon with my paper airplane.
Here's the real story:
The Pinnacle Challenge
Greg led off the 5 mile road run in PR form at 25:30ish, and looked good, but def could see the marathon in his legs. It was super awesome that he was able to lower his personal record and I wouldn't have traded the events of the day for that.
Greg then handed off to George, who had a mechanical failure last year and ran his bike over the mtn biking course. This year George had a great ride, and gave me the go in a great position in 2nd. With Fyffe as the anchor, all I had to do was match my efforts from the previous year. Better bike + better fitness = no brainer.
Bitterness is my friend right now; cuss me, I had a good bike leg going but at the top of the hill in the middle of the 13.5 mile course I had a mechanical failure of epic proportions. I do love epicness, but not like this. My derailer in the front got all cussed up and broke off. I just got the first guy into view (no way in Hades fiery Hell would I had caught him) and liked my efforts. I'm not a cyclist but my engine is just fine.
So, I'm on top of the climb, 5 miles from Fyffe and my derailer is hanging like the V lips of Jenna Jamison! I run my bike to the nearest house and ask nicely and frantically if they had any wire cutters and a screwdriver. They had both, so I cut my derailer and pride open the derailer to free my chain so I could get riding again. This felt like a minute or two, but in actuality it was about 10-12. All I could think about once I was riding was to get back and get Fyffe the go to run and kill the trail run and get the fastest time on the day.
This sucked in more ways than one. There was a lot of pride on the line.
Miller did the race solo, and had a phenomenal day winning in course record time. We knew it would be close bc he is a fantastic cyclist and runner, and he has a rocket ship tri-bike.
Without the mechanical we could have been in it for the overall win and under 2 hours, which would have been exciting to see Fyffe anchor and vision quest our team to victory.
Both Greg (25:30) and Fyffe (22:50, way ahead of anyone) had the fastest runs of the day and the real point of the race was fulfilled: best friends sharing team camaraderie and having fun.
After the awards, Greg and Jen, Fyffe and Jess, Emily, Maisie and myself, all went to Salt hill Pub for some grub.
Overall was a fun time with greater people. Hanging with my bros is always fun (except sometimes when Fyffe wants to do a predator run at his house and his goal is to leave pieces of his DNA on the course), I'd rather polar plunge!!!
Get one, find one, be one!

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  1. "...hanging like the V lips of Jenna Jamison!" may very well go down in the annals of history as one of the greatest similies of all time. Nice job.