Sunday, March 17, 2013

BBoyz Makin the Freak Freak

The blog is a bit dusty but it's all good out here in the WILD... Been getting some quality treks in and been having super amounts of fun rolling, even though I'm rolling slow. If I can get my speed to catch up to Lloyd Christmas's rapist whit, I'll be as solid as last year.
The past three weeks have been great training weeks with the reintroduction of a steady long run. DHJones left me a but uneasy and I felt that the next month should be focused on solid training and focus of things to come. Bigger picture type cuss. So the last three weeks went as follows: 65, 81, and 81 for miles. I opened my big mouth and now it's time to defend my honor and show people what's real.
This past week has been a great week of training. 3/11-3/17

Monday - Thomas "what's in my Paquette" or "PaqMan" Paquette hustles out with Boj for a 10 miler before wings. It was great to see them and roll out. It is awesome the legacy of KSC runners and how we still run with each other and the decades our friendships cover. At wings that night there was Larry Legend Sayers from the 80's KSC squad, me and then Thomas. Very cool, very proud.

Tuesday - the weather was the runt of Romulus and totally sucked hind teat! I needed motivation and the universe sent me a message saying Greg needed it too, so I beamed a message to Greg to meet in Putney for a run and get us out the door in the nasty rain. We Voltroned at the covert culvert in Putney and hustled out an hour in the nastiness. It was a Neverland run, one run would be warm rain and the next road it would be Antarctic freezing. The plan was to loop one more road, but at an hour, the last road we were on, was colder than a polar bear colony, so we bailed for dry warm clothes and a pit stop at another hetero-lifemates house, Fyffe. the weather was like my last girlfriends attitude, ugly and lame, so it was great to cuss slap a run in it!

Wednesday - the weather was awesome, and mountain therapy was in the air. I zipped out to Magic Mtn for that therapy. The snow was a bit soft on top but overall the day was amazing. Rugged rugged rugged slopes. Very steep and unforgiving. Sportiva GTX's save the day and kept my feet dry and warm, wet cold feet are the worst.

Thursday - I hadn't run out in Grafton on the power lines in some time, so I made that my destination. With the temps dropping significantly, the trails were hard packed. The run was absolutely awesome. I felt I was in a dream state the whole time. The lighting was cussing with my eyes and my depth perception was cussed; it was bright but dark, then dark but bright... Timothy Leary would have loved it. It was tough to see any ice, and on a huge descend I slipped and was at the mercy of gravity and wicked percent grade. Slid for a while! Once I realized I was fine, I went back into bliss of being in nature and outside.

Friday - teamed up with another KSC owl and colleague, Tim Eno. We ran out on the Ledge Rd trails and took down a 5 mile loop. My first run with Tim this year and it was good to chat.

Saturday - Lifer Najem came out for the Marathon road 19 miler. Najem is just getting his swagger back and today was a huge step in awesomeness and long quality runs to come. Very cool. We just chilled and clocked 2:01 for the 19 road loop. It went by very fast with a lot of laughing (mostly me) and found out some things I didn't know. For instance; did you know that you can be suspended from high school for a single day? Yup. Want to know how? Just spit on a bitch... It's that easy. Who knew?! Also, Najem knows more about Judge Judy than a person should. Haha. Lastly, WAY TO GO PAQMAN! I heard she was piping HOT!!!

Sunday - took it easy on this glorious day and ran the Sap Lines 12 miler. Felt awesome! There was a ton of ice, but no slips or falls. I daydreamed for all of it about if I won 222 million... That would be epic, and had a ton of fun dreaming about all things I'd do, people I'd support, and places I'd go. Made for a beautiful run in the woods, bc most of my money spent would be on the places I was running through to keep them running trails and preserving nature.
Just another week of light work...